Aida & Wesley – Orgasmic night at a bachelor party

Hello, I am Wesley. I have been working as an escort in Amsterdam for a few years now.
Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. People from all over the planet come to this magnificent city to enjoy the fabulous architecture, the delectable cuisines, the pristine canal rides, and other wondrous sights and sounds. But one of the major attractions of the city is its world-class escort services. You can get to have sex with and fulfill all your fantasies with some of the most beautiful young women and high class ladies from all over the world.
Today, I had been booked with Aida for a bachelor party. The boys/men had come from Italy to experience this once in a lifetime experience. Aida and I had to perform a striptease and if everything went well, we may be booked for additional services through the night.
I had performed at several striptease bachelor parties. But Aida’s case was different. She was a novice and had just come to Amsterdam from a small town and had joined the escort agency. She had a great body with nice perky tits and a fine rounded ass. She was a great addition to the agency. However, she still had to learn quite a lot about skills of the trade. So, I kind of became a mentor for her.
Aida was employed at the agency for just two months. Over the course of the period, I had taught her some nuances about how to behave with clients; told her about the different types of customers; informed her about all the precautions that she needed to take when out with a client/clients; and some more aspects of the sex work. But there was still a lot to learn and a long way to go for her before she could be able to handle herself in the best professional manner possible.
Aida had taken some dance classes whilst she was in school. So, striptease dancing was not that difficult for her. I just had to fine tune a few things and she was all set to go for today. Additionally, the amazing curves of her body and the agility with which she could move it proved to be a big asset. It did a lot to help offset the shortcomings that she may have had on the striptease-dance front.
I had come to Amsterdam from Brussels, Belgium. I had come as a tourist, fell in love with the city and its vibrant atmosphere, and decided to stay put. During my days as a tourist, I met an escort named Elis (she is still one of my best friends) who told me about the profession. I decided to give it a go and I have not looked back ever since. I save up my earnings and use it for my passion, i.e., travelling. Over the last few years I have travelled to Japan, Australia, and Peru. They were awesome experiences, but to be retold in some other blog.
The bachelor party group had booked the services of Aida and I from 5 in the evening to 11 PM. We promptly arrived at the designated place at 5 PM. There was the groom and five of his friends. The first thing that we had to do was to take them on a short tour of the city and grab a few bites to eat. We had dressed for the occasion, Aida in a short flowing skirt and kaleidoscopic top and I in Jeans and a frilly lavender top.
We checked out the city center and enjoyed the lights. The sun began to set and embrace the landscape in its glowing arms for one last time for the day. It was a beautiful sight! We later went to a pub, had a few drinks and some tit-bits to eat, and danced around a bit. The guys were real friendly and funny. We all had a great time.
We came back to the hotel room at around 9 PM. Aida and I quickly set up our gear and the striptease poles. We changed into our new sexy, revealing, shimmering attire and burst into the room filled with eager, horny men. We finished our act on the poles and then offered a personal lap-dance to each of the boys. Our gyrating bodies ensured that they had a fantastic time; all of them had erections by the time we finished with each. They paid us extra and we offered each an expert hand-job. They came like they had never cum before, an explosion of sexual pleasure. Both Aida and I were very pleased with the outcome. We had done our job well.
Before we took leave of the boys, two of them booked our services for the next day for a massage therapy and a night out in the hotel. Tomorrow is going to be another fun day