Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Beauty Escort website and the escort agency provide services in The Netherlands and Amsterdam. The use of this website and escort service is governed by certain terms and conditions as outlined below. We cover the obligations and rights of the agency, escorts and the clients. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before continuing on this page. If you contact us for our services, it would mean that you have accepted the terms and conditions of our service.
We value privacy and take measures to protect it. The information below also outlines what you can do to stop us from collecting your information or completely remove the information that we have collected on you. We may use services such as Google Analytics for improving our services. Information gathered by such services are available and used only by us.
Our Service
We provide escort services to men, women, couples and other genders. You must be of at least 21 years of age to make use of our services. Our services and the site content are not intended for minors. We are not responsible for underage users trying to view this site. You can contact Beauty Escorts 24/7 through phone or this website.
We also serve as an advertising agency in Amsterdam through which many local escort girls promote themselves. They provide their services independently and we do not interfere with their offerings. They do things according to their own will and rights. As a reputed escort agency in Amsterdam, we never persuade any person to do something forcefully. But, if we notice something suspicious about any person being abused or being forced, we intimate the Amsterdam authorities immediately.
Also, the girls are protected by P&G Amsterdam and their health checkups are done regularly to ensure hygiene for the community including our clients or the escort girls. We also perform their background check before they join us to ensure they are legally allowed sex workers as per government regulations.
Beauty escorts Amsterdam and a licensed intermediary agency together arrange the meeting of our clients and the escort girls.
Customers must make the reservation at least an hour in advance. The booking depends on your location and sufficient time must be allowed for our escort to reach you. An escort can be booked daily, and clients can reach them via live chat, email or phone.
Reservations must be made for a hygienic location with at least one bedroom and an ensuite bathroom. Only the client must be present at the location for services by the escort, unless it is a public gathering.
If the customer is unable to meet the requirements, then he is given one opportunity to ensure that these are met within reasonable time. If the client isn’t able to so or do not wish to meet these requirements, then the booking will be terminated without refund.
We accept payment in cash, through cards and other online payment options. The cash must be paid within the first ten minutes of meeting the escort. Any surprise developments in relation to payments aren’t accepted and will lead to the order or booking being cancelled.
We also accept all major debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers for payment. All major payment platforms such as MasterCard, Visa, Cirrus, American Express, PayPal, Switch and Solo are accepted.
We bill you with discretion and you can rest assured that these transactions will be discreet while showing up on your statements. Clients are advised of a 10 – 20% surcharge for payments using cards. We will also need to verify your billing address and confirm your identity through a photo ID.
This paragraph details our rates and charges.
• The profile for each of our ladies does include the overview of their charges. Travel expenses up to 25 kilometres are included in our rates, but any travel above the 25 km bar is not included and is charged separately.
• There are discounts offered if the booking is for more than three hours. This reduced rate is allowed if the length of the booking is pre-agreed or decided within the first hour of meeting.
• In Amsterdam, you need to make a booking for an hour at least and travel can include a distance up to 25 kilometres. If you are in another area, then you need to book for a higher number of hours.
• If the client wishes to cancel, then it must be done before the escort arrives, otherwise there is no refund.
• The standard rate will apply if the client wishes to extend the booking for more hours. But if the extension is for 3 hours or more then it is considered as a new booking at reduced prices.
Travel and expenses
The minimum booking time must be equal to or higher than the travel time for the escort. Travel charges are included in the rates, but only up to 25 km. There is a surcharge on travel above 25 km and a minimum booking time is also required. Please contact us for more information on this.
We normally don’t allow any refunds, however in exceptional circumstances we do consider it. We investigate the complaints and then decide if a refund is required. The clients must provide all information necessary for a fruitful investigation.
• Cancellation by client
A client can change or cancel reservations, but this must be done as soon as possible by informing the escort. The cancellation must be done several hours before the meeting.
However, there may be instances when you don’t feel the chemistry. The client can then refuse service if he doesn’t like our model. But this refusal must happen within 5 minutes post meeting and most importantly before the service has begun. In such cases, the girl’s travel expenses, which can amount to 50 Euros, have to be reimbursed.
• No Cancellation Fee
This policy only applies when the escort doesn’t match your expectations. It may be possible that you don’t like the way the escort looks or the personality she has. However, this doesn’t apply under the following circumstances:
 Negotiating rates after the escort’s arrival.
 The first 10 minutes have passed after the start of booking time and the escort’s arrival.
 The escort has been undressed or touched.
 A sudden appointment has sprung up on your end and you cannot keep the booking.
 If the escort refuses to take the booking after observing the client’s lack of hygiene, unsuitable attitude, behaviour or location. Or if there is a breach of other terms and conditions.
Intellectual property
The content used in our website such as images, written content, graphics, blogs, articles and logos are properties of Beauty Escorts. The use of such content is not allowed without the consent of the agency.
Collected information
We collect information from the clients who visit our site. However, this information is non-personal and non-identifiable. It may include your device type, location, browser and the operating system you are using.
If you choose to contact us further to book or enquire about our services, then we may collect personally identifiable information, like email address, name, phone number or other contact details that you share with us. This collected information may include your card details as well, that have been shared for payment.
We remove client information as soon as the meeting of the client and the escort gets over.
We are obligated to collect your consent, explicitly, on gathering your personal information like phone number and name. By contacting us for our services and going through this website, we will understand that you have given us consent, unless you confirm otherwise.
Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. These are small files which are downloaded to your computer, so that our website can identify you when you visit our website in the future. This is a common and standard practice followed by most websites worldwide. You can prevent the downloading of cookies by using the incognito mode if you so desire.
Removing private information
We store cookies on our website for advertisements and it is according to applicable laws. However, we do not contact any visitors from our side. In order to remove identifiable information from your own devices, please remove cookies and delete browser cache and history. Also, we are a reputed agency in Amsterdam and hence we keep client information confidential until the meeting is over. Once the meeting is over, we safely remove all client records from our end. We can be relied on all aspects of being the most reputed escort agency in Amsterdam.

On the moment beacause of Corona restriction . The models that advertise in our platform offer only service of relaxing massage under strict conditions of hygiene

For more info about COVID-19 situation in Amsterdam and Netherlands pls visit :
Other helpfull links for escorts and clients :https://www.government.nl/topics/prostitution/question-and-answer/work-as-a-prostitute-in-the-netherlands


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