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Experiences with Beauty Elite Escorts – Limo Service in Amsterdam

Imagine being picked up in a luxurious limo and spoiled as you are driven around the city in a private tour. We can make arrangements to pick you up from your hotel or even pick you up from the airport to give you a private tour of the city or arrange transportation with the most beautiful escorts in town.

Beauty Escorts Amsterdam has a range of services which are tailor made to excite and satisfy customers. One of these services is the Limo service. Imagine that you have been picked up in a limo from your location and taken around the city as a part of a private tour and then dropped to your hotel. You can be picked up from the hotel or the airport to enjoy the sights in Amsterdam along with a pretty Amsterdam escort from our agency.

Luxury cars with VIP Amsterdam Escorts

Which Limo will come to pick me up?

The limo service has different cars available for pick up. Depending on the day of the booking, we will select the best luxury vehicle for your private tour. The vehicle will be well furnished with all amenities needed in a luxurious limo. A drinks bar, water bottles and an entertainment system will be included. There may be additional charges levied for a fully stocked up drinks bar. We will try our best to get the vehicle which you desire, but it depends on the availability that day. There could be a chance that the vehicle of your choice isn’t free on the said day and we may have to look at a replacement. The replacement may not be the same as the selected vehicle, but you will be informed prior to the start of your tour.

Limousine Airport Schiphol with and High class Escort Girl

Will the escort be in limo if I am picked up from the airport?

The limo will be waiting to pick you up from the airport. If you have requested a particular escort Amsterdam to be there in the car for the pickup, then we will try our best to comply with that. You can relax with the escort as your travel companion for the tour. However, this booking has to be made in advance. The charges will vary depending on the car chosen, the escort preferred and additional services desired, if any.

Transfer to Hotels in Amsterdam – Enjoy your time with Beauty Escorts in a Limousine Ride

Will the escort come with me to the hotel, if I come from the airport?

The escort can accompany you to the hotel after the limo tour is over. However, this may mean additional charges for the escort’s time with you. Please enquire with Elite Escorts and make an additional booking to request the escort services in the hotel as well.

Limo city tour next to a Hot Amsterdam Escort

Can I choose the escort to go with me on the tour?

Yes, you can select which escort you want on your private city tour with you. We have highly experienced and beautiful ladies who work with our agency. We ensure the best health standards among our staff and all escorts who work with us.

For how long with the tour last?

The duration of the tour depends on the places or tourist locations you want to cover. It also depends on the time of the day, traffic and the area selected. Some areas see high traffic at certain times and hence such tours may take more time. For more information on the places covered in the private tour, please contact us.

Are there any timings to which I need to adhere to?

There are no specific timings for the tour to take place. However, please be informed that some tourist sites and locations have closing hours. If the tour is planned outside these hours, you will be unable to see them. Try to be on time when the limo is ready to pick you up because the service is by the hour and you will be losing time.

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Do I need to pay for the Limo?

The limo charges are separate from our escort charges. If you are choosing a limo service for a private tour, the charges for the car are included. If you ask for an escort then her time will be included in the invoiced amount. Please contact us to make bookings forthe escort and limo service to get a quote.
Is food also complimentary on the private tour?
Food isn’t included in the limo private tour service, but your chauffeur can make excellent recommendations on diners and restaurants if you want to eat. Amsterdam has a good food scene and you can find different restaurants that offer varying cuisines.

Can I ask for sexual services from the escort?

Our pretty Amsterdam escorts are available to ensure that you have a great time when you are in the city. If you desire some sensual pleasure when you have booked a limo service, please let us know the full details in advance. Amsterdam has certain laws in place and we accordingly advise you on it. However, if you want to take the escort to your hotel room for a night of pleasure, please make the booking as per that.
Can I give gifts to the escort?
If our escort has pleased you immensely and you want to present a token of appreciation, then feel free to do so. However, it is the escort’s choice if she wants to accept the gift. Please note that any gifts do not count as payment for the escort’s service.

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