Why you should not miss visiting Amsterdam in winters

Amsterdam being one of the coziest cities in the world attracts tons of tourists every year. However, winters in Amsterdam can be a mind blowing experience and also you can enjoy almost everything in a single tour without much of queues at various public places. One can find the city glazing like a star between November and January due to artistic lighting all across the city and to add the cherry to the cake, a snowy weather encourages you to keep yourself wrapped with warm clothes, yet enjoy the sparkle of nature.

Here are the important reasons why you should visit Amsterdam during winters

1) Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam light festival happens between November and January each year where top rated architects from across the globe submit their innovative designs for lighting the city and only the cream of the crops are selected to showcase their innovation. The whole city then gets wreathed with charismatic lights all around. Official Amsterdam canal tour tickets can be available with different options like enjoying in an open boat, enjoy lights in a boat along with a glass of wine, or even with more luxurious classes available. One cannot miss seeing the city and canals lighting if you are visiting Amsterdam during winters.

2) Ice Skating on Frozen Canals

This might not happen throughout the winters in Amsterdam but if you’re lucky enough and weather favors your timing to dip down the temperature below 4 degrees for 4-5 nights continuously, the canals gets frozen allowing locals and visitors to enjoy ice skating on it. Of course you might need professional help doing skating on it but this can be fun filled activity if you’re visiting Amsterdam during winters.

3) Christmas Week and Shopping

Light festival starts from November and during Christmas further spectacular decorations are seen across the city. Be it malls, shops, houses or even trees on the streets, you can find amazing lighting and embellishment all across. Additionally, you can enjoy various discounts on shopping during Christmas offered on various goods. This is a good time to shop and save some Euros. Last week of December can surely be the best time during winters to visit Amsterdam because you will have enough reasons to loosen your pocket a bit.

4) Cozy pubs amidst chilling cold outside

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5) New Year’s Eve

With a very high budget or looking to enjoy in a budget, Amsterdam has got something for everyone. One can party hard being in a cozy pub, events, or even being at the Amstel to get a glimpse of spectacular fireworks during the New Year’s Eve. Just roam around the city and you will notice the entire crowd as your own friends who are just welcoming the new year together. No one remains a stranger and feel free to enjoy what the city offers you. Again, if you are single and wish to enjoy the most of it during the 31st night, it is advised that you hire an escort in advance for the whole night because the prices can go up to 200-300 Euros per hour. However, Beauty Escorts Amsterdam serves every customer happily and provides discount for booking for long hours. Also, would you not like to spend a romantic evening roaming the city and spend a steamy hot night letting the bed make some noise in your hotel along with the fireworks outside? Beware not to go with some cheap escorts to ruin your new year’s eve. Spending some extra bucks but to enjoy safely and with pleasure has no comparison with cheap escorts available around the city.

6) Romantic Candle Light Dinner amidst the snow

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Visiting Amsterdam during winters can be a wonderful experience as you get to enjoy various festivals, experience the passionate culture, and come back with tons of memories with you. Plan everything in advance and if you need any help with local tickets, or finding a partner for you, one should contact us, the topmost escort agency in Amsterdam which doesn’t just provide you with beautiful escort girls but also helps you with other local arrangements like enjoying festivals, hotel booking, tours, cabs etc. Try to enjoy everything the crazy city has to offer and be safe.