Why to hire Escort Girls in Amsterdam

We all know that Amsterdam have many attractions to offer from beautiful canals , nice culture , superb and attractive museum ,amazing parks ,delicious cuisine and a incredible night life ! Being called the capital of sex and drugs ,Amsterdam fits everyone and special the party type of people that once in a While like to come here and relax ! In this incredible city Escort Service is legal , you can have a hot time in red light district , in a salon massage or in your hotel room or apartment! People who visit Amsterdam for the first time still have some questions and we gone try to make it clear ! Outcall escort service is total save in Amsterdam and you can have a lady visit you in the hotel room or apartment without any problem ,the process is very simple ! You just have to pick up a agency ,look to the profiles of the lady’s and pick the one that you most like ! Be careful when you select a agency and be sure you will get what are you asking for ! Like everywhere here you can find scam also ! The operator is there to answer all you questions and if in any moment you fell he try to avoid a answer better pass this agency ! Prices are starting from 140 euros per hour and can go up to 300 euros ! You gone ask why such a big difference ….? Yes ..good question …let’s make it clear ! When you go to the supermarket you will find cheap chocolate then will be just to satisfy your sweetens wish but after you will finish you not gone have a great taste and you will be disappointed that you did not spend 30 euros more to have a better chocolate or 50-60 euros to have a great expensive one ! Hope you understand what I mean ! When you order a escort for 140 euros you will have a mediocre service , a quick one and gone …but ,yeah ..maybe this is what are you looking for , so then is perfect for you ! Don’t expect a great lady for that price , you will get less then the money you paid ,to be honest ! The second category is 180-200 euros which we recommend , here you Will have a beautiful lady more into the job that she offer ,because she don’t work for cheapest price she will prefer to offer to her client a bit more then to change 5-6 clients in the same night ! For this prices you will get a relaxing time included a small massage,erotic one , after going nice and slowly to blow job and sex ! But if this is to much for you or to expensive then please go back to the first category! The 3 one and the most expensive is the high class one where price are 250-300 euros per hour ,here you will find amazing girls that use to work like a models or still work ! This lady’s offer great services included different types of massage ,BJ,sex and you will not hear all the time that you have to pay “extra” for something like with the first category! The high class lady’s are always dressed to impress,elegant ,beautiful with Class and also have studies and what to talk about ! This type of lady’s are perfect companion for any event that you may have in mind and the people around you never will guess is a high class lady !They are not always available and is better to make the booking with 1-2 days in advance! After you decide what type of lady fit your needs call the agency and be clear about your wishes! We understand that sometimes you see so many beautiful lady’s and is difficult to pick one ! That’s why the operator have to help you and please listen to his recommendation because he know haw the girls work and what type of services are they offer ! A good operator will always ask you some questions just to find out what type of lady will match your requests! Don’t feel uncomfortable with that …they are there just to help and privacy is the top rule ! After you decide finally which lady you want fell free to let the operator know the next details : name hotel ,room number ,your name and your phone number ! Yeah you don’t like this …and have doubts about , but this is the way the agency work in Amsterdam and all over Holland ! We need this details and they will be handled very discreet and will be deleted after the meeting between you and the lady when is finn ! The hotels ask always room number and name because they don’t want to disturb the other clients in the hotel !Once the lady will arrive at the hotel she will go to the reception and ask for a visit ! The receptionist will check if the details are correct and after he will call you in your room for the permission to let the lady up ! Like i Saïd before ,here, is nothing to worry about Because you are totally allowed to have visits in your room , and the receptionist don’t care about your privaat life ,just thing about that hè is working there for 5 years and every night 3-4 lady’s visits a gentleman in his room ! Is no one of his business and he will not ask other questions! After he call for permission in your room he will give to the lady a key card to access the elevator and she will come up ! You was nervous all this time but now she is there … maybe you are still nervous …have a drink and a conversation and try to relax ! They are all nice and if you thing she is not and she is in rush and cares more about money ,say that ! You can give her 50 euros cancelation fee and ask her to leave! But this will not happen when you order a girl up to 180 euros ! So …let’s take it back ! Forget to say that a professional lady from a professional agency will always bring all she need :condoms ,oil for massage and toys when you request!And to rest assured that working like a escort in Amsterdam they are checked every 6/7 months ,all is save !
During the conversation try to explain the lady what you like and what you enjoy the most ! Are some things that are extra charge always like gfe ,anal and so on…. you have to arrange this part very easy and forget about ! If you pay for something that doesn’t mean you can not have a great time ! After the hot moment is finnish…the lady will take shower and leave discretely! If she deserved a tip say her, thanks like that ! Is also very important to send a message to the agency and say if you was happy with you experience or not , like this you will help the agency!Is a huge difference from a Red light District Girl and a Call girl ! All are beautiful ,sexy ,hot but is a about circumstance,attitude and type of people ! Are gentlemen’s who enjoy a quick B J at Red Light before a meeting with his friends and are businessmen who will enjoy only in the privacy of the hotel room ! Prostitution in Amsterdam is big fact even The political groups right wing and left wing have contradictory opinions about , but let’s don’t forget that is perfect for turism ,for budget of the city hall because all sex workers pay tax vat and everything is other control ,haw long time is a balance in everything!