Why some Escort girls provide extra services and some don’t prefer them

Extra Services offerd by Escort Girls in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of energy and enthusiasm be it locals or visitors to the place.
There are some of the jaw striking places to visit which makes it one of the best places to visit in Europe. Moreover, what adds further spice to the place is “sex”. Yes, sex is legal in Amsterdam and that brings numerous tourists from across the globe to enjoy it. However, due to increase in demand of sex, cheap escort providers don’t waste their time to pitch in by providing low quality escort girls which spoils the mood of many visitors. It is like you dream for a quality sex but end up raising their legs and pushing in like a machine and no response from the girl just waiting for you to finish so she can attend the next customer. We have been providing best escorts in Amsterdam for a decade and kept working on our quality and training to escort girls irrespective of how much did we grow.

Though we provide training to be hygienic and about communication with clients to our escort girls, some of them provide extra services yet some don’t prefer doing them. Why? Let’s have a look at it.

1) Some escort girls who are new to the industry go any miles to get their name and position by providing extra services willingly and at some extra cost. Extra services might include client’s cumming inside the mouth, cumming on the body, or even anal sex. However, some of the escort girls work part time to earn some pocket money and enjoy good sex. They don’t prefer having painful anal sex or would like to take cum inside their mouth. That doesn’t mean they cannot please the clients. Of course, they do enjoy good sex and help you get your release yet they are not willing to provide additional services beyond their capacity.
2) Some escort girls have to work throughout the day or night serving for multiple client appointments and prefer keeping themselves clean and tidy. Due to hygiene issues, they prefer not providing anything beyond sex which was agreed with the customer. They oblige with their duties to the clients as well as to the escort agency. They meet clients coming in from different parts of the world and keeping themselves safe must be considered by the clients visiting them.
3) When a client books services with an escort girl for some services for a particular number of hours, the escort girl is instructed accordingly. If the customer asks for favor beyond the agreement, the escort girl might turn down their request or could ask for extra charges as per the terms and training provided. It is part of their professional curriculum and they follow them.
4) Cheap escort services in Amsterdam might provide all kind of services to the customers without maintaining a professional balance or look after their own health which puts other branded escort providers in Amsterdam like Elite Escorts at stake in the eyes of clients to go beyond the regular service. Yet, we choose to provide consistent services to all customers and also look after our escort girls because we are a family. Escort girls cannot be ignored at any cost by us.
5) When clients are rude in their behavior while spending time with the escorts, the girls might not feel like providing anything extra. If you can really turn on a girl, nothing can stop them kissing you passionately or support you like a real partner. On the other hand, if you are impolite and just treat escort girls as a medium for pushing in your dick, she might not get aroused and be normal with you providing regular service and turn down your request for anything extra.

As one of the top Amsterdam escort provider, we provide regular training to our escort girls to maintain healthy relationship with the clients. It is also the moral responsibility of the customers to take care of the escort girls while they spend time with them. Of course renting their services doesn’t mean we can completely ignore them and just focus on our own needs. Everyone knows that a happy woman can go any mile to keep their partner happy and when you are spending time with an escort girl you chose, try comforting them and see the magic happening.

Who knows you might end up getting your best smooch of your life?

We receive feedbacks from various customers and sometimes we get to know how delightful our customers are spending time with escort girls from Beauty Escorts Amsterdam . From simple kissing to rocking session on the bed, they find everything immensely erotic. It is about how we want to deal with a person we are meeting for a short duration. Why not make it beautiful and comfortable and let the moment become memorable?