Why Escort Sites Are Better Than Dating Apps

It’s obvious that you are already a fan of feminine beauty and the joys of wild sex, so if you are looking to expand your horizons across the Channel, then the short trip will give you some long-lasting memories. London and Amsterdam are one of the world’s most multicultural cities, and that means getting with some sexy woman is easier than ever thanks to luxury London escorts sites like Escort Rankings.
Because times are thankfully changing when it comes to views on casual sex, there is no stigma about booking escorts for quick and fun hook-ups. It’s not that much different than using dating apps, and at least in this case you can guarantee that happy ending. So read and you’ll find just how easy it is to have a hot night with your dream woman.

Booking is Nice and Simple

Taking its cue from plenty of apps and dating sites, you will immediately become an expert at exploring each escort site because it is so easy to navigate. Right on the main page are the most recently updated profiles, and you can use the advanced search options to not only find the perfect woman for you based on appearance and the services they provide, but also based on your (and their) location. You will be surprised at how many of these hot ladies are actually just down the street from you.

Booking on top escort sites in Amsterdam and London is a cinch, because each personal profile has a phone number or email address that allows you to contact the escort directly. You will be able to book a time and place to meet right away (in-call means you are going to her flat, and out-call means she is going to yours, or a hotel room you booked). It is also a good chance to ask some questions you might have, as well as settle on the booking fee. The more ‘paperwork’ you get out of the way now, the more fun you can have when you meet face to face.

Get the Inside Scoop With Reviews

Without a doubt, one of the things that sets sites like Escort Beauty Amsterdam from its peers is its robust review system. The site makes it easy to leave reviews of all their escorts, and they can be as short as one line summing up the whole night (with a few one to give star ratings required), or as long as wonderful recounting of every sex minute. There are plenty of ways to go into detail and list every great thing she did (or didn’t do).

With this information listed right on the escort’s profile page, you can quickly decide if she is the right one for you. It makes sense that they would definitely hype themselves up in their own bio, but with the reviews you can get the unvarnished truth from her customers. Finding the right woman for you – not only in terms of sexual interests, but also personality – can mean the difference between a great night and a forgettable one.

Become a Sex Pro In No Time With A Huge Selection of Ladies

One of the best things about a city like Amsterdam, London (and the UK in general) is that not only is there a huge population to start with, but that there are plenty of women from all around the world who call the place home. And that means you can meet all sorts of hot ladies who would love to meet you. While you can find plenty of the traditional escort type – a statuesque model with flowing blonde hair and long legs – if your fantasy women is a bit different, don’t worry, top-rate escort sites have you covered. There are plenty of mature ladies with lovely curves, and it’s easy to find sensors Asian and passionate latinas.

All this adds up to a great way to learn a lot more about sex, and also about the sort of kinks and desires that you have. If you are a bit squeamish in sharing your fantasies with your regular partner or someone you’ve just met, then the escort experience is the way to explore without worry. It can be just a one time thing if you want to find out if you like getting pegged, peed on or anything else. And if you do want some pointers on some more straightforward stuff like oral sex or different positions, you can believe that these ladies have plenty of helpful experience to share with you.

Parting Wisdom and Advice

The most important thing to do is to treat this as a first date. It is too easy to write off an escort experience and not give it your full attention or effort just because you want to get off right quick. But that’s a waste of her time and yours (and your money). if you really want to have a good time here (as well as having a good time in the future with any sort of dating or sexy scenario), act like you still have your work cut out for you to make it to the bedroom. If you can get her to want you, then you can be sure the night will be a lot hotter.

So skip the FC jersey and corny dirty jokes she’s probably heard a hundred times. Instead show up looking like you are ready to sweep her off her feet. A nice shirt and some slack, a spray of cologne and breath mint. Last thing you want is for her first impression of you to be ‘he smell odd’. Laying on the charm over drinks means she will be laying on the deep throat when she’s between your legs.