What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Escorts Girls

Wikipedia might have a lot of information, yet at least not everything. Most people and probably you are aware of who escorts girls as well as what they do. Sometimes people refer to them as prostitutes but does sound bit awful and disrespectful after all they are more organized in their commercial sex business and again human like us. From the kind of job they do, most of us think they know everything about them which can’t be right and this article will prove you wrong.

Out of my research on this topic, I happened to engage a couple of escort girls to get a grassroots feeling of what their life is like about their ‘job.’ Below are some key yet hidden information you most likely do not know about them. Not even the Wikipedia you trust most has them.

  1. Escort girls are consolers

“Most men come to us not because they want sex but just company.” At least, this is one joint statement I got from almost all of them. They say, most men out there undergo a lot of stresses both at work and at home. They unanimously confessed that most affected person are the rich. They have money but, body satisfaction is missing. “Men want people to appreciate them especially their wives. After sex, they want to hear, hey darling, that was great!. They feel rejuvenated altogether”.

  1. They hate marriage

Marry, one of the escort girls, said, “Most of my regular clients are married people. After seeing what they are like, I feel marriage is just not for me.” Judy and Lily seconded her claiming that men are a great disappointment in most marriages. Women, should not trust them so much.

  1. Men don’t ask them to do crazy staff

It may occur to most people that men who approach escort girls ask for all those insane sex styles. I used to think so as well until my research told me otherwise. Most of these ladies confessed that what most men prefer are the typical vanilla sex and blowjobs. They say men are never as kinky as most would imagine not even with escorts. From their experiences, they said that men who like crazy sex plays often go for Sex Dolls Love instead.

  1. Escorts Wear Decently

It’s a new trick, these ladies told me. Men yes would love to see a barely naked sexy woman. However, whenever they start imagining how many men probably she has had sex with, it discourages them. Instead, a decently dressed lady with a little showing off her sexiness seems to them more ‘fresh’ or new in the game and has not yet slept with lots of men. As simple psychology and lots of men fall for it.

  1. Escorts gets to know reasons behind cheating

Like I mentioned earlier in point one, most men need consolers, especially when stressed up. For many men, escorts are people they find easy to run to, to spend their off time and find someone to talk to.


From the 5 points discussed above, you can realize how much you possibly do not know about escort girls and their work nature. So next time you are approaching one or you has already, know that behind the scenes, this is what they say about you.