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Fully vaccinated Amsterdam Escorts

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most of the adult businesses got hit very badly and the only hope was to find a vaccine. The research on the virus made history and we had a vaccine in less than one year. This was the fastest vaccine developed ever in the medical history for such a large-scale pandemic. Due to social distancing measures, dating and escorts were avoided by the people in 2020.

Beauty escort agency is one of the premium escort providers in Amsterdam and follows all guidelines provided by the authorities.
By August-2021, all our team members including escort girls, administrative staff and marketing staff have got fully vaccinated.
Beauty Escorts Team would like to provide an environment where both the client and the escorts feel safe while meeting for a date. However, it is better that as a client before meeting any escort you should also get your vaccine to ensure a healthy date with the beautiful girl.

During the second wave of the pandemic, the crisis was even worst and the escorts were also scared to meet any clients. Due to stringent lockdowns, the adult businesses were close to bankruptcy as well. But as a responsible agency, we kept our team motivated during the crisis situation and also lend a helping hand in getting them government approved funds. Now, that Amsterdam is slowly going back to the normal, our team is also ready to keep the clients entertained in the safest way.

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Apart from the vaccination, our escort girls are regularly sent for mandatory health checkups in Amsterdamand they are reviewed by the administration closely. However, as we all understand that the COVID-19 virus is really unpredictable and asymptomatic cases are very difficult to find, we would urge all clients to inform us in case they have any symptoms prior to arranging their meetings. This would help you to save a life and stop further spread of the virus. Unlike other agencies providing escorts without proper measures, we would like to ensure that your meeting goes smooth and both the parties remain safe and healthy.

Now that our team is fully vaccinated you can choose your escort and schedule a meeting without worries. If possible, do provide information about your vaccination status while booking the date.

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Below are some tips to have a wonderful date with our vaccinated escorts in Amsterdam:

1- Prior to the meeting provide the vaccination details and check the details of the girl. If you travelled recently avoid any meetings for two weeks and remain in quarantine. Also, in case there are any smallest symptoms of COVID-19, do get yourself tested. It is seen that if you delay the test, the condition might get worse. The earlier you treat yourself, the more chances are you will get well.
2- Plan your meeting in a nice and clean place. Sanitise the place prior to your meeting and also after the meeting. You can also use soft surface sanitizers to be used in the bed prior to having sex. Start off slowly like a date, grab a drink together outdoors, roam around Amsterdam, spend time like lovers, get the comfort zone and then get to sex. You might have one of the best sexual sessions of your life.
3- If you would like to enjoy erotic massage from our specialist girls, you can book the meetings safely. Our masseurs in Amsterdam are vaccinated and are ready to give you the unending sensation of erotic massage. While making the booking, mention about your preferences and we will make arrangements accordingly.
4- If you wish to enjoy other sexual fetishes like golden shower, BDSM sex or just oral sex, we would advise you to get your vaccine prior to the meeting.

The only solution advised by WHO for the pandemic is to get at least 75 percent of the whole world population to get vaccinated and get herd immunity. Beauty escort team is providing support by getting everyone vaccinated on time and trying to save lives. At the same time, we understand that many clients have been waiting for a long time now to meet our beautiful escorts in Amsterdam. Now, our bookings are open and we would like to continue providing our services with utmost safety and care.

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