Types of massage for mind and body

Here at Beauty Escorts , we don’t provide only the best escort service in Amsterdam but also the type of massage you need ! Gentlemen’s and even couples enjoy massage , sometimes you are really in a need when your back hurts or after a long flight! Most of the people know that massage is for relax and relieve the pain away ! Well …With our great masseuse you can enjoy the next type of massage : – Sensual massage ,Tantric massage ,4 hands massage , Candlelight body to body massage , and Erotic massage !
Our lady’s are professional and know haw to transform a simple massage into art ! The perfect part about having a massage by calling Beauty Escorts Amsterdam is that we provide outcall to hotels in Amsterdam and near Schiphol and also to private residence! All you have to do is to have a glass of wine and take a bath and to wait for our call girls to spoil you ! For centrum of Amsterdam or Hotels near airport , Schiphol or Hoofdorp the transit time is only 35-40 min ! All we need is the name of the hotel ,room number and your name (all this details are handled very discreet and gone be deleted after the meeting ) ! Your details are in the hands of a respected well know agency that know haw to provide quality and satisfaction in the most discreet way ! You can talk with our operators about the time of massage and masseuse you are looking for and they will be more then glad to help you !
1 Sensual massage in Amsterdam are for gentlemen’s that want a bit more then a relaxing massage, this type fit the romantic gentlemen’s that like soft touching and teasing. The masseuse will wear lenjerie and using cream or oil to relax the client, if
You get excited about it,you can ask the lady to go for a bit more erotic …is all up to you, haw far you want to go!

2 Tantric massage is already loved and well know ! This massage is special and have specific practices ! This massage definitely is for relaxing your mind first and then your body ! This type of massage have to be made in a total relaxing environment and the elements that can disturb us like
Cellphone have to be away ! The point of tantric massage is to pleasure the mind and the body of the client! When having a tantric massage, a professional one ,you should feel along with the pleasure haw the negative energy leave your mind and body, forget about the stressful day that you had and all the problems ! While most of the massages will have you cover in a towel, tantric massage includes the genital parts of the body ! The great part about tantric massage is not to offer you a “good Finnish “ is to give you a hard erection and to make you enjoy the massage as long is possible ! Your mind and body will get in fire and you shut try tantric massage in Amsterdam at least once , you will simply loved!
3. 4 hands massage , is when you really want to spoil yourself not with 1 but with 2 great masseuse! Had a long business meeting ? You just sign a great contract or is just the time to take care of yourself? Then call at Beauty Escorts Amsterdam for a 4 hands massage in your hotel room ! You will get delighted to see 2 gorgeous lady’s with magic “hands” ! Imagine haw good is to have a massage from 2 hands and 1 body but haw great will be with 4 hands … we like to called surprise massage , because our lady’s will know exactly what you need ! Leave your mind ,body and wishes in them hands and they will show you a incredible time !

4 Other great technic for a amazing time in moments when the day was not that great and your moral is a bit down ,is to have a candlelight body to body massage ! Haw the name say it , our masseuse will bring candles that will release a erotic fragrance and you will be under that magic power of the body ! This type of massage will be made with a lot of oil because the call girl will massage your body using her hot ,steamy body ! When 2 bodies get in contact help to release of endorphins into the main bloodstream that helps in alleviating the stress levels, heals naturally, and treats chronic pain at the same time. All this , together with the sexy body of the masseuse will offer you one in a life time kind of experience! Each body is unique,and each person will give you from her own energy!
5 Erotic massage is when you want to have a relaxing time, totally forget about stress, when your body ask for a total “detox “ ! When you are in a need of a ejaculation but no sex ! When you need to blow away all the negativity! Calling a escort or masseuse to your hotel ,sometimes a relaxing massage or even sensual massage is not enough! Mens need more then woman’s to have sex … they’re body and mind scream for that sometimes, and then massage can not help, but, here we come with the idea of erotic massage , when the lady know haw to start and for sure know haw to finish ! The culmination of this erotic massage is when the masseuse will make the client cum with a great technical hand job ! We like to say it massage with happy ending because men’s are so happy after all ! All our lady’s are trained for all the types of massage, you just have to pick the lady that you like the most and ask for the type of massage that fit your needs , after calling us you can help yourself with a glass of wine or a beer and have a shower , roll a towel over your body, or a bathrobe and relax waiting for the lady to spoil you ! The regular price of a massage is 160 euros and can get up to 320 euros for a 4 hands massage! You have many salons for massage in Amsterdam but if you prefer the intimacy of you hotel room the a erotic massage offerd by Beauty Escorts Amsterdam is want you need !