True Story regarding our stunning Escort Sophie

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How Sophie landed her dream job as an Amsterdam escort!

Sophie was a bright girl born in a poor neighborhood in the UK. She did not do that well in studies at school, but got by. She was however into reading and read lots of books. Anything new and intriguing always interested her.
Another plus point of Sophie was that she had grown into a really gorgeous young woman. She had perky tits and surreal nipples that one could suck on ages to come. Her ass was rounded and fit real snug into skinny jeans. At 5 feet 6 inches, she was not that tall, but she was not petite either. Sophie was the center of attention wherever she went.
After schooling, Sophie found a job in a small nightclub as a stripper. She did not get good grades in school and the job market was not that great either. She had however moved out from home and had to take care of herself. Therefore, she used her best asset, i.e., her stunning curvy body, to make some money. Sophie had also done well in the dance course at school and working as a stripper came real easy to her.
After a year working as a stripper at the small club, Sophie had saved enough money to look for better work avenues. Her dreams were too big to become squashed in this small town. She had heard a lot of escort girls in Amsterdam; how they earned pot-loads of money and lived a great happy satisfied life. She did some research over the internet and read about hotel escorts in Amsterdam. But she wanted to find out the truth by herself. So she handed in her two week notice at the club, packed her bags, and landed in the magnificent city of Amsterdam.
On the first day itself, Sophie was fortunate to meet another girl from the UK who was working for an escort agency in the city. They became good friends and she learnt about the escorts business, night outs in Amsterdam, and varied other escort services. And the money was really good as compared to the scraps she made in her hometown!
Sophie subsequently visited a few hotel escorts agencies in Amsterdam, applied, and appeared for interviews. During this search for the best workplace, she found that even though Amsterdam escorts were legal in the country .
Sophie finally found Beauty Escorts Amsterdam setup after 4 days of searching. She aced the interview and was recruited on the day itself. To her joy, she later found that her new friend from the UK was also working in the same Amsterdam escort company.
Sophie had to undergo a few days of training before she was allowed to hit the field. The training period was extensive and provided information about the different types of clientele, the different hotspots in the city, the numerous kinds of escort services offered by the agency, and other work-related details.
After the training period finished, Sophie’s details (including the stats of her body, hobbies, kinks, etc.) were put up on the escort company’s website. She soon became one of the most sought after GFE escorts in Amsterdam.
Sophie often fondly recalls her first outcall job as an escort in Amsterdam. She had sex with quite a few boys in the UK, but she had never offered professional sexual services before. But the extensive training had prepared her to be ready for the job; and boy was she ready!
Sophie was asked to meet up a regular client of the agency. He had picked her as her regular Amsterdam escort was out of town. She put on the dress that the client had requested and reached the hotel room at the appointed hour. The client was a handsome man and quite chivalrous too. He treated her like a lady and offered her champagne while they talked out her new life in the city, books, etc.
When the time came, he lifted Sophie into her arms and took her to the bed. He slowly removed her top and was thrilled to see the ripe firm breasts pop out. He placed his mouth on one of the breasts and grabbed the other in his hand. He knew how to please a woman and soon Sophie was writhing in ecstasy.
He then slowly moved down her sweaty, seductive, sexually charged body and removed her skirt and panties. He then dove straight into the treasure-trove that presented itself to him between her legs. He played with her clit and expertly moved around his tongue in and around the pink, wet vaginal opening. Sophie was so engrossed in her own sexual pleasure that she did not even notice that he had undressed himself during this time.
He came back up and Sophie gave him a blow job that was immensely erotic and blissful for both. The rhythmic intercourse between the two sweaty bodies would need another blog to elucidate.
Sophie still fondly recalls that first episode. She had fallen in love with that handsome man. But she knew that such things happen to both escorts and clients, but everyone has to move on.