True story from our expert with couples Caroline

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Im Caroline and i’m 23 years old, i start working with Beauty Escorts since 2017! Im working only with this escort agency because they know what respect means and is not really all about money ! I like my job but i need to feel that people around me respect me and offer me protection ! Doing this job have a lot of benefits but some risks also ! Im my own boss and i can decide when i want to stay or to leave! Most of the clients and couples that i meet are great people and i had a nice time with them but like i said are some risks when you meet a client and he expect other things , more then you can offer.Im a open minded girl thats why i enjoy a lot with couples , i have many nice memories with couples along time and one of them is my favorite : Was Saturday and the agency call me and ask if im ok with a long metting with a nice couple , i said yes, i was in a very good mood in that day (not all my days are perfect for long meeting, and in that case i prefer to take a day off and relax ).I meet the nice couple around 20’a clock and we spend 10 incredible hours ! Was a click between us from the start , the lady was all nice and sweet and the men was a real gentleman ! We start in the hotel bar with some drinks and try to know each oter better , we talk and laugh a lot ! After couple of drinks the lady get in the mood for club and i was very exciting about too, So she had an ideea, first , to get in the room and change clothes because we was the same size and she had 2 identical dress, one red and one black! Before going to the Escape Club Amsterdam we had some erotic moments in the room , i was so atracted to her, and so she was …then for some moments we forget about “Jack” her husband , but he was waching us and fully enjoyed also ! Out of hotel hand on hand me and “Jess” were like we know each other for years ,Touching and kissing was a must ,she feel like that also !In the club was a great atmosphere , we dance and had fun and get very exciting !After couple of hours we decide to get back to hotel…..where we had hot moments and a amazing night ! Im sure “Jess” will read my storie and will agree! Sometimes Escort Girls can also offer a “feedback” and now was my turn to say thank you to “jess” and “Jack” , icredible couple and fantasic people. Hope to see you again !