True life story of Betty

I had the pleasure to meet Betty At Bulldog coffeshop in Amsterdam ! Was a rainy , ugly day , and when I fell that way I like to visit coffeeshop and have a tea and get the best possible mood !

I know most of the woman get a shopping therapy , a massage, but not me , in my opinion there you don’t find interesting people for great conversations, and In The rainy days I prefer to spend 1-2 hours at coffeeshop! Bulldog is located in Leidsplain square In The centrum and there you find most of the clients like being tourists! I like to analyze them and find a story for each … a story in my head !

When I was to enjoy my tea and my joint next to me i saw a beautiful ,tall,sensual brunette and very elegant ! You don’t find that type of woman’s in the coffeeshop ,she was looking more like to have business meeting….hmmm was exaclty what I need …to find a story for her while I enjoy my tea ! She was looking very disappointed and even sad …. why ? And very stressed while watching her phone all the time ! She was waiting for someone but definitely that person will never show up !

In one moment she saw me staring at her and my first reaction was to say “hi” and to ask her if she don’t mind setting together, she was happy about it , more happy then I expect ! “-Hey ,im Nicole,haw are you ? “ – I’m Betty , nice to meet you ! I’m comming for Belgium and I have to meet my ex boyfriend here but I made the worse decision in my life ! “ “ Oh , don’t say that ,I try to cheer her up … you know from decision like that can happen also good things in your life …maybe the destiny brings you here In Amsterdam and if he have a plan with you ,wait a bit a you will find out !

Her face get bright and even she smiled , yes you are right … I will do that ! She said ! We spend like 1 hour talking about flowers , politics , history and even sex , then we get hungry and we had a meal at France Caffe and bites ! I find out later that her ex boyfriend was a client of Beauty Escorts Amsterdam but I keep total discreet,was not my business ! And her ex boyfriend invite her in Amsterdam to become a escort and even tell her that he know a great agency that she can work with …. what small is the world ….

I could not believe !Betty was so exciting about to become a escort ….she already practice this job in Belgium but there she have a lot of family and always was afraid about , in the way that someone could find out ! I work also for a escort agency I told her “ “ She could not believe it….haw is that possible she ask me …my ex boyfriend send you ? -“ No darling ! The destiny was ,I told you ! “ Betty is a selfish woman I can say , she want the best for her and she do the impossible to get it ! A refined ,strong , intelligent woman !

After just couple of weeks working at our escort agency Betty became very popular and gained her regular clients that know haw to spoil a feline like her ! Betty is a confident and loving partner and she love to offer surprises to her clients ! Because she is very good in what she does she is quiet busy ! Make a booking in advance if you want to met Betty