True Life Story About Rachel and the funny way haw she start working like a escort

Rachel have 30 years old and she is a incredible beautiful woman ,she is slim ,tall , blonde, busty and love to take care of her body, each morning she start with a run in park. Haw we meet Rachel and haw she decide to become a escort girl is unusual . Rachel was working like a receptionist in a Beauty Clinic in Amsterdam , where Scarlet very often go for beauty treatments ! Was a raining morning and Scarlet had a appoitment at 9 am to the Beauty Clinic for facial treatment, beacuse the traffic in Amsterdam is horrible she arrive there around 10 am and she did not even realize ! When Rachel tell her that is late and the doctor is gone for a meeting she was very disappointed ! Because they know echater for a while Rachel ask Scarlet if she would like to have a coffe and a croissant near by and she can make a new appoitment for her facial treatment at 12 pm ! Scarlet was happy about she was hungry ! Near by was La Boutiques del Caffe a intim place for bites , whit great coffe and the best choco vegan cake ! Rachel and Scarlet find a good table and they start to enjoy the coffe when Mr G come to say hello to Scarlet ! Mr G is a regular client of Scarlet , a very reach men that like to spice up his private life every week in the company of Scarlet ! He was thinging that Rachel was also a high class escort workig with Beauty Escorts Amsterdam and invite both of them for a hot time in the weekend! Rachel had no ideea what Mr G is talking about but she smiled and get confused ! After Mr G left , Scarlet become embarrassed and tried to change the subject of the discussion , but Rachel begen to be interested and attracted by Mr G offert ! So there was no more place for lies and Scarlet start a long disscusion with Rachel about her job and haw cool is to be a high class escort !Rachel get amazed and she ask Scarlet for a chance ,she said that her life is getting bored and she dont enjoy her actual job anymore ! We meet with Rachel and Scarlet the next day at Double Three Lounge and we took Rachel in our team ! So strange was that is the same day Mr G was callling us to ask about Rachel ! We just tell him that “because of him ” Rachel make part of our team now ! Mr G was extremly happy to set up a booking with Scarlet and Rachel “like in his dreams” ! Rachel fully enjoyed her first booking with Mr G and Scarlet , now they are a very good duo and with such a amazing beauties you can not have a good time , but a extraordinary hot time !