True Life Story about bombshell Kimberly

Kimberly join our escort agency 3 months ago and she is a very experienced lady ,she did video chat and was working in a strip club in Germany ! She is the type of fatal female and want more and more to be explore this type of life ! Like you can see it in her profile ,she have all she need to drive gentlemen’s crazy : long beautiful legs , superb large beasts , fit body ,smooth skin , silk long hair and a angelic face ! This ladys that posed such a beauty are very dangerous , you can fall in love irremediable ! She start practice and enjoying video chat when she was 19 years old , after couple of months she already had some saving money so she decide to explore sex business more and she land working in a strip club in Germany ! There she spend 2 years and where moments when was a pleasure to offer strip and private services but also some moments when she did not enjoy anymore ! Clubs in Germany ,specially, are very different from escort service in Amsterdam and total different type of people will visit a strip club ! Every night around 9 pm the lady’s have to get ready in nice and sexy outfits to welcome the clients in club ! There was working more then 15 girls and when a client come inside first he have to pick a lady and have some drinks with her and try to see if they will fit ,after drinks the client pick the service that he want and they agree about price ! What happens under the closed doors only the two of them will know ! After couple of months in the club she find it uncomfortable because where so many lady’s and was kind of competition when a client show up ! Every girl was beautiful but Kimberly is special so she attract the most clients and the rest of the girls start to show a rudeness attitude for Kimberly so she decide to stop ! All she need now was holiday and Amsterdam was a dream destination for her , so pack the stuff and in 4 hours she was in beautiful Amsterdam ! Spring is amazing in Amsterdam and makes you fall in love with this beautiful city and stay for ever ! She decide to book a room at Park hotel Amsterdam that have a great view over the Vondelpark ! Kimberly love nature and this was excellent for her ! In one night she decide to explore night life in Amsterdam and she come back at the hotel pretty late ,around 4 am ! She had no idea that in the morning most of the hotels in Amsterdam close the main doors and you have to ring to get the door open ,but in that morning she find out and when the receptionist saw her ,ask which room she want to visit ! Kimberly get very confused! The receptionist was thinking that she is a escort girl when saw her so sexy and beautiful ! She ask him : “ which room I want to visit ? What you mean ?” The receptionist was apologizing and try to revenge with Kimberly so he offer her a chocolate! She smiled and took it because was her favorite chocolate but being very curious she want to find out more why the receptionist ask her that question ! Was very late , 4 am and no one was in the lobby that time and the receptionist was young and nice and Kimberly start filtering with him ! And from him she find out about being a escort girl in Amsterdam and all the story ! Kimberly ask him for more details and this nice guy give her our phone number ! Next day we meet Kimberly at Rock Cafe Amsterdam which is across the street and had a long discussion! Like this we find out her story ! Now Kimberly is very popular in our agency and the rest of the girls like her also ! After couple of months she start offering duo service with Eva and Ina ! We respect and appreciate her way to be and our clients adore her ! In our agency is no place for rudeness !