True Life Story About Anita

How High-Class Escort Anita Came to Amsterdam.

Anita never planned to be an escort. As a matter of fact, it was the last thing on her mind for most of her life. She lived in Paris for several years, where she made a living as lingerie model. She loved the work, since she had fine tastes when it came to clothes (underwear especially), but at the same time she longed to travel, to see the world, and to discover what was over the horizon.
She took several trips over the years, but her visit to Amsterdam was the one that stuck. She fell in love with the place, and it wasn’t long before she had packed a suitcase and moved!
It was only after she arrived that Anita discovered Beauty Escorts Amsterdam.Was a sunny day and she was enjoy her coffe by SkyLounge Amsterdam , a fantastic place with the best panoramic views in Amsterdam . There 2 lady’s had a very interesting conversation about escort service in Amsterdam and they mention the name of our agency ! Anita was captured by the very interesting discussion and retained the name of our agency, It was fate! The job couldn’t be more perfect for her. She was charming, smart, and sparkled with wit. Her friends had always told her that she could seduce near enough anyone with just a few words and flutter of her eyelashes.
And so Anita made arrangements to come to our offices for an interview. It turned out to be a very brief one. We didn’t need long to see that she was perfect for the job, and we were delighted to hire her!
Anita admits that she was nervous about her first booking, but that she soon found her stride and started enjoying herself. And she clearly made quite an impression; the English gentleman who made the booking called up the next day just to thank us for recommending Anita!
Since then she’s consistently wowed customers with her passion, her vivacity, and her charm. It wasn’t long before most of her bookings were repeat ones, with gentlemen from all over the world keen to spend their time in Amsterdam in her company.
For Anita, it was the perfect role. She enjoyed the excitement and intensity of entertaining her refined clients in Amsterdam, while at the same time she got to experience the company of people from all over the world. It was a need that lingerie modelling had never quite met, and Anita was delighted to find her place as an escort with Beauty Escorts Amsterdam.
One evening might see her entertaining a businessman on a dinner date at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. Another might see her turning on the charm with a sensual massage.
Gentlemen of all stripes couldn’t get enough of her. Whether they enthused about her beautiful raven black hair, her perfectly-shaped B-cup breasts, her sparkling eyes filled with passion, or her intense and uplifting personality… the rave reviews rolled in!
Sometimes, Anita does think about taking a return trip to Paris. But never very seriously. Amsterdam is the city where her heart is. And as a high-class escort, she has the whole world on her doorstep. In her own words, “What more could a girl like me want from life?”