Top Healthy Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex

You Should Have More Sex: Top Healthy Reasons Why by Beauty Escorts Amsterdam

Here’s Why Having More Sex Is Good for Your Health

Who wouldn’t want to have more sex? And here’s the cool thing: more sex doesn’t only make you feel more joyful. It’s also super beneficial for your health. So in case, you need some motivation to boost your frequency of making love, check out our top health benefits from regular sex.

Are couples having more sex during the pandemic? If not, they definitely should. Regular sexual activity reduces stress, boosts your wellbeing, and can even make you look younger. Plus, increasing the frequency of lovemaking tends to develop greater intimacy between people in supportive relationships. Wouldn’t we all need some of that after the long crisis period? So whether you use roleplay, a butterfly sex toy , or something else to boost your sex frequency, here are some of the top health benefits you can expect to gain. Let’s dive in.

1. Enjoy Lower Blood Pressure
Is high blood pressure making you anxious and dizzy? Having more sex can help you out. Numerous studies have shown that frequent sexual activity is linked to lower blood pressure levels. And no, unfortunately, masturbation doesn’t have quite the same effect. If you want to lower your systolic blood pressure (the top number on the blood pressure reading), you need to have sexual intercourse with a partner. What’s more, intimate contact makes your body release a hormone called Oxytocin. Higher levels of Oxytocin reduce vascular tone, and as a result, the blood pressure gets lower.

2. Reduce the risk of a Heart Attack

Believe it or not, people once thought regular sex could increase the risk of getting a heart attack. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, and modern research confirms the opposite: sex keeps heart disease at bay. A study was conducted at the Queen’s University Belfast that found a 50% less chance to suffer from a stroke in people who have sex three times a week. Still not convinced? Then check this out: Israeli researchers found that having two orgasms per week reduced women’s likelihood to have heart disease by 30%. These are excellent odds that should encourage anyone to look into how to have more sexual pleasure in a week. And remember, lovemaking is most beneficial with plenty of orgasms.

3. Better Bladder Control for Women

Issues with bladder control affect about one-third of women’s lives at some point. If you want to avoid incontinence, it’s crucial to strengthen your pelvic floor. And there’s no better way to work those pelvic floor muscles than having sex. It’s even better when you have an orgasm. It gives the pelvic muscles a good contraction which makes them get stronger in time.

4. Sexually Active Men Are Less Likely to Develop Prostate Cancer

One of the primary health reasons to have more sex for men is that it reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. That’s especially true for anyone over 50. As the metabolism gets slower with age, the body cannot detoxify itself as well as it used to. But sex can help. It’s especially effective in getting rid of all sorts of toxins in the prostate. These could cause cancerous changes when lingering in the gland for too long.

5. a Happy Reason to Have More Sex: It Keeps Depression Away

People in which country have more sex in the world than anywhere else? According to Statista , the numbers are highest in Greece (based on 2014 statistics). And if you’ve ever been to Greece, you’ve probably noticed how cheerful everyone is there. Part of it has probably got to do with the fact that sex makes your brain release serotonin. It’s a feel-good hormone that makes you feel happy. And there’s nothing better for your overall health than being in a good mood.


Why do couples have more sex at the beginning of the relationship? It doesn’t have to be this way. These were our top healthy reasons why anyone in a healthy relationship should start having more sex today. Try to increase your sex frequency for a month and see what happens.In case you are not in a relationship you can have an escort girl from a certified agency. Not only will your life become much more enjoyable, but your health will also get a boost. What could be better?
How to have more sex in a day? Share some tips and tricks that have worked for you.