The Art of Oral Sex ! Make your Girl out of her mind!

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To put it simply, when it comes to sex, either penetrative or oral, everyone wants the good stuff. And while this article centers around oral pleasure for women, it is important to know tha it isn’t a magical piece. Different things work for different women, and you must put tremendous effort to make her orgasm from oral sex. With all that said, let’s take a look at some steps to take in making it possible.
Don’t just barge in, take it slow, it’s art. While it’s normal to have the urge to just dive for the clit, it is important to know that the woman’s body is simply art. Don’t ruin the fun by giving it all you’ve got immediately, you’ll basically end up with a cramped neck and leave her sexually frustrated. Instead, tease her. Kiss her inner thighs, let your breath settle on her sex, let the momentum build.
Explore her, know her spots and zones. Just as I stated earlier, different things work for different women. Different women have different zones and spots that taking things up a notch for them. Explore everything in between her thighs. Kiss them, touch them and pay attention to how she responds to them. This will go a long way in helping you please her. And while it is called ‘oral’ sex, remember to pay attention to the rest of her body. Some gentle hair pulling, nipple massage and gentle scratching wouldn’t hurt.
While every part is involved, it is basically the clitoris. Thrusting your tongue in and out of her vagina would surely create some sparks, but it won’t tip her over the edge. With over 7,000 nerve openings, the clitoris is the only organ designed for pleasure. The clitoris is right under the point where the inner labia meet and form a little hood (known as the clitoral hood, in fact). Pay special attention to it, it is your ‘first class’ ticket to Pleasure Land.
There is no crime in diversifying. Let’s just say it is very allowed to refine your technique. There are different ways to do it, sucking, licking, nibbling and even gentle biting. Don’t just stick to one, instead roll it all up. Employ your fingers too, there’s no crime in doing that.
In conclusion, doing all this doesn’t guarantee to get her flowing immediately. You have to put effort and practice, because practice makes perfect!
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