Sissy is pure Perfection,she made feel like i was again 25 years old. I had a trip in Amsterdam for business,im divorced and in need to meet a beautiful lady.I find Beauty escorts agency and call them..someone answer very frendly and with a great vibe. The operator name was Nikole. I chat with her for a while and i have to say she is a great woman ! She guide me into the booking and explain me all the process ,she made me feel super comfy . I told her what my expectations are and she recommand Sissy. I booked her for 6hours and Nikole offerd me a discount even. I booked a nice room at W hotel and i was waiting to meet Sissy at 8 pm because we had dinner reservation made. Sissy arrived with 5 minutes before and when i saw her i had the feeling that i’m into a real date. After i arranged the financial part our journey start . Sissy was impecable dressed ,hair was perfect,make up was perfect..but all her apparence together with her personality are something is hard to describe. The dinner was nice and we chat and enjoy..She was all the time frendly and helpfull i just feell like a real date with the perfect match. When we finnish dinner i had such a great vibe and told her that im not ready to get back to the hotel room.She smiled and said …”come on.. Let’s have fun ” We got to club at Rembrandtplein and drink ,dance and laught….was perfect!I did not feelt like this since i was 25 years old . Around 4 am we get back to the hotel room and she told me nice that those 6 hours i have paid for and finish and ask me if i want to pay her for some for fun because she have to inform the agency. Ofcourse i paid ! She was very proffesional…she go for a shower ,i did the same and when i was back she was expecting me in a sexy lengerie ! I was shy ,even with all the alchool and fun ..she told me to relax because she was to offer a massage…I total relaxed and from a normal massage she get to a erotic one and then we had great sex.
My time with Sissy was more then i expect . I tought escort service is not for me…but escort service is for esch man that want to spoil and take a break from stress ! My life after i meet Sissy changed in a good way ! She is a young lady but i get the best advice about live and savour life ! Thank you my dear Sissy ,Thank you Nikole and Thank you Beauty escorts Amsterdam,you girls are doing a great thing there and have all my respect !

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