“You look rather dashing”, I whispered as I poured her another cup of wine.
“You’re not so bad yourself”, Valery replied as she raised her glass slightly. Given the fact that I had to fork out €360 to spend 2 hours with Valery, I definitely knew she was going to be worth it. Coming into Amsterdam, my friend Harry had made it clear that the Amsterdam’s escort service was top notch, and the escort girls were simply the best.
I was finally with one now, a very dashing one to stress that. She was about 25, slim and really beautiful. Her pretty long legs carried her body well, her C cup breasts the highlight of her whole body. Her black hair complemented her angelic face, she was just the ‘complete package’.
“So, what do you have planned for me?”, I cleared my throat and got things going again.
“I could do…this”, her whispers sent pleasure chills down my spine as she leaned in to kiss me. She tasted sweet, like grapes, the wine. She kissed me again, this time deeper. Our lips puckered at each other, Valery tugging at my lower lip as she sought entrance. I opened up to her, her tongue diving into my mouth as a slight moan escaped my lips. Her tongue twirled all around mine, poking and twisting over each other as we connected in the most sumptuous French kiss.
She pushed me back to the bed, getting on top and straddling me as things began to get steamy. She kept kissing me, feasting on my lips as her hands explored my body. She pulled my clothes away one after the other. Harry was right, the Amsterdam’s escort service was really top notch.
She placed wet kisses all over my torso, getting in between my legs as she stroked my cock.
“Fuck”, I moaned with absolute satisfaction as her tongue twirled around my huge cock. Valery was good with her tongue, coating my inches with saliva and sucking me off. She started off gently, her head bobbing up and down my crotch as I dug my fingers into the sheets for crotch. I ejaculated on her breasts, after moans and grunts of course.
“Your turn”, she whispered into my ears as she lifted her gown and spread her legs out for me. I dived right into it immediately, her moans filling my ears as I rolled her pussy lips around my tongue. I could swear her toes curled as I slurped on her clit, and by the time I employed my fingers to dig her pussy, she had flooded my face. One thing was for sure, I needed to get more of these escort girls.
Valery and I had sex for the next hour, and by the time we were done, I promised I was coming back to Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s escort service, a match made in Olympus!

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