Private Lap Dance in Amsterdam

Lap dancing is an intense, sensual dance usually performed by an erotic entertainer. It may include striptease and it is quite erotic. The dancer will sit on the paying customer’s lap and move sensually to arouse and entertain. This is a specific type of dancing and one cannot equate it with normal dance moves. One needs to feel sexy and be sensuous to adequately do justice to this art. Yes, we describe this as art because not everyone can be a lap dancer, that too a good one. Amsterdam is home to the De Wallen and it’s a great place for sensual entertainment. Society is quite free and accepting of sex work. So, if its any place where you could get a lap dance, Amsterdam will stand out because the ladies here are experienced and do a good job. How can you get a lap dance? Well, here are a few places for lap dance Amsterdam where you will have fun and get what you want.

De Wallen Escorts

The De Wallen is a center for sensual entertainment. One can find women who are willing to sexually entertain you and make your night. They are good at what they do and will never let you be dissatisfied. When you visit De Wallen you know what you are getting into. The place is very clear on what they offer and you will like it there if you are particularly looking for a specific sort of entertainment. It is one of the most well-known places to get lap dance Amsterdam. And because the service is one on one, you will get privacy.


Amsterdam has a couple of bars where people of all orientations and genders go for a night of fun. The city has some no-frills bars where one can enjoy erotic shows. Women will have dance performances, often going topless. You can get a lap dance for a reasonable amount and get a bit handsy with the performers. One can also find people drinking, conversing and having a good time. The bar may not necessarily have separate rooms for privacy, so that is something you will have to consider.

Escort services- Beauty Escorts Amsterdam

Escort services or good escort agencies are also one way to enjoy a lapdance. Especially if you want a private lap dance, away from crowded clubs and events. Private escorts Amsterdam, can be booked to help you enjoy this personal time in a sensual way. Remember to make the booking with a reputed agency as they ensure that the service you get is authentic. Escorts with agencies adhere to certain standards and if they say someone is great at lap dance, then the lady will be. She will tantalize you with the right moves and give you erotic pleasure. An escort can be multi-talented and a lap dance could be a beginning to your fantasy. As you can book the escort for a couple of hours, you can choose what you want to do once the lap dance is over. Good agencies such as Elite Escorts can help you find a suitable match for your requirements and enable you to experience pleasure.

Sex clubs

A sex club or an adult entertainment club will have lap dances available for sure. Adult entertainers or strippers do have performances for a gathering and then they also give lap dances to patrons or customers who can pay extra. You can either get one when the dancer comes around wherever you are sitting or go up on stage and get one. Every performance is planned differently, so you can choose what you want depending on the available options. Usually, there are rules in place, so be aware of them before you are reprimanded for doing something that isn’t allowed. Because it is a sex club, there could be private rooms where you can get women for private dances.

There are various means to get a lap dance in Amsterdam and you can pick one based on what you want. Good service providers such as Beauty Escorts Amsterdam providercan also guide on it.