Places To Visit in Amsterdam with a Beauty Escort

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is the most populous city.
It is known asthe “Venice of the North” and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s origins lie around river Amstel’s dam. It was one of the most important ports during the Dutch Golden Age.
Amsterdam is known for its De Wallen and it is a place where selling sex is legal. But it also has a romantic side. If you are alone in the city, you can go with beautiful escorts from Beauty escorts and have a good time. They are one of the best escorts in Amsterdam and they have the best outcall service.
Book an escort with them and see the whole city through new eyes. Take a stroll through the Vondelpark and check out the rose garden with the lady next to you. Go skating and see the rose garden. You can catch quick kisses while sitting in the open-air theatre or could get frisky behind one of those bushes. Wink wink! But before you do anything in public please be aware of the laws of the country. After all, you don’t want to get charged for public indecency. You could pack a picnic and lie in the sunshine in each other’s arms as well.
Your Amsterdam trip cannot be complete without a trip to the Heineken Brewery. See first-hand the magic that goes into beer making and get a pint or two to taste! Stop by the Royal Palace of Amsterdam to take in majestic architecture with a girl by your side.
Stroll along the canals or bike along them with your partner for the night and experience Amsterdam. There are many biking paths in the city, and you can conveniently cycle along. Check out the EYE-Film Museum which looks like a spaceship. You can also get to watch an international or Dutch film if you are there at the right time.
Enjoy the female company with one of the top escorts in Amsterdam as you explore the city and its nightlife.Go to one of the rooftop restaurants or bars which overlook the city for a drink with your lady friend.
Enjoy one of the club nights that go on till morning and then sneak off to have a steamy session alone with the escort. Take in a performance at the de Nieuwe Anita and sample their famous and fabulous cocktails. Maybe in the crowd, you could actually feel up your partner or have her feel you up. Very discreetly of course!
Go on and see the A’DAM Toren and explore its floors that are open to the public. Have a go on the highest swing in the European continent or dine at the revolving restaurant. You can have a good meal with the lady at the restaurant while overlooking the city and knowing that you wouldn’t be “sleeping” alone. There is also a 24-hour nightclub, where you can dance the night away and maybe even cop a feel in the dark.
If you want to see something unique then check out the Brouwerij ’t IJ. This is kooky brewery located under a windmill! It is a very popular brewery and scores of people come down in the summer to sample its fares. If public display of affection is something that excites you then do stop at the MagereBrug. It is also known as the Kissing Bridge. Although lovers and couples come here, you can kiss and do a little more with your girl.
Couples also go on canal tours and you can take one as well with the lady. You can sit close and comfortably and get kisses under the bridges as you move through the city on water. In the Golden era, one could see horse-drawn carriages moving through the city. Some organizations maintain this and you can enquire about going on a ride on this. Of course, if you are hidden from public view and get a chance in the shadows, you can definitely try some naughty stuff.
The floating flower market is definitely a pretty sight. One of the places offers dinner in the dark. Take your date to that for a meal and some sexy touching in the dark as no one can see anything. Your trip won’t be complete unless you see the tulip fields on the outskirts of the city. Rows of colourful tulips can be seen all around and there couldn’t be prettier sight. You can also take a trip to the Amsterdamse Bos to see the farms or enjoy the experience of cheese making. There is arowing course and the small pond has vessels that can be rented.
As a tourist you should also see the adult’s arcade – the Ton Ton Club. Bring out your inner child and play to win. Go on a spa date and get to see each other naked. Well, semi-naked with your escort. A popular attraction is the Efteling Park where you can enjoy fun-filled rides. It is a theme park based on legends and fairy tales and is sure to spread the magic. Visit one of the iconic landmarks – the Dam Square or see the very unique Amsterdam Dungeon. It is a mix of reality and fiction to give the visitors an experience that is worth it.
Amsterdam is a haven for kinky desires and as such has many sex shops.You can go there to get something that will spice up your night with the escort and your fun and pleasure is guaranteed all night. There is also a sex museum where you can see certain displays that will tickle your mind or give you ideas for your upcoming steamy sex session at night.
Last but not least is the De Wallen or the Red-Light District. There are a lot of cafes and bars that offer excellent fare and of course the window displays. You can also pick and choose from the window if you desire to have sex with one of the women there.
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