Ordering Escort Service for the First Time

Escort services are considered to be one of the best options to enjoy a fantastical night of sexual bliss without any frills attached. But escort services are not legal in many places around the world. Holland is one country where escort services are fully legal.
Thus, if you are in Amsterdam, the magnificent capital city of Holland, or any other town or city in the country, you should treat yourself to the fantastic sexual exploits in the steamy embrace of a stunning Amsterdam escort.
Things you have to know before booking escort services
• It is important to know that even though escort services are legal in Holland, not all the escort agencies hold a license to operate the business. A license is vital to run an escort service company in Holland.
• Before you book the services of an escort in Amsterdam, it is vital for you to ensure that the agency holds a valid license for escort service operations. This will help make sure that you do not get into legal tangles. It will also help ensure that you get to revel in the sexual joys that an escort will offer you during your time with her in the comforts of your hotel room or any other place.
• There are two ways to book an escort . You may directly call the company via telephone and make the booking or you can book an escort of your choice online through their website.
• It is important to state all the services, such as roleplay, striptease, etc., that you would seek of the escort whilst making the booking. Some of the services may cost extra. Find out the final cost of the escort service, inclusive of all additional sexual preferences, and then make the booking if it falls within your budget.
• In case you don’t know what lady will fit your needs please first have a converstion with a receptionist , that’s why they are there , to help you pick the lady that can satisfy your sexual whises
• In all the hotels in Amsterdam is normal when you have visits to your room ,so nothing to worry about , when you make a appoitment the agency will need some details like : name hotel , room number, your name and your phone number , all this details are treated with maximum discretion and the agency will never contact you after a meeting and your details gone be deleted after the booking ! Hotel Escort Service in Amsterdam is our specialty so you are in good hands!
• All the hotels need a key card to acces the elevator , no worris , that’s why we ask your room number and your name , like that the lady’s will get a key card from the reception and after they will come up .
• After you made the booking please understand that you have to wait in your room the lady we like the be discreate and no one have to know that she is working like a escort in Amsterdam.
• Always check with the receptionist about the arriving time , for centrum Amsterdam is 35-40 min but remember is all about traffic and we can not fly.For Schiphol Airport Escorts gone take 40-45 min .

Tips and tricks for your first time with an escort

• An escort is a lady just like any other woman and hence it is important to treat her like one. Do not be under the impression that just because you are paying for her sexual services that she is your sexual slave. Be polite and respectful of the escort who comes to your hotel room.
• All women like cleanliness. Hence, take a bath, brush your teeth, groom yourself, and be clean before a sexual session with an escort.
• Do not open the hotel door in a naked state. All the de-robing can be done once both of you are comfortable in each other’s company.
• Ensure that you have condoms and lubricant ready in case you don’t like regular ones that the escort bring. Pain is the worst enemy of achieving sexual pleasure. Do not ask or offer extra money to escorts for having sex without a condom. STDs are a real thing and it is best to use a condom to experience a really good pleasurable session with the escort.
• After the sex is over, provide tissues or a wash cloth and direct the escort to the bathroom so that she can clean herself up. This is not mandatory, but advisable.
• Do Not use to much alcohol or drugs ones you order a escort lady.You call a lady to have fun and enjoy together
• Tip the escorts. It is not necessary to tip big, but tipping is a sign that you have had a good time with the escort.
• If you had a great time please let’s know by review page ,we really care about the satisfaction of our clients