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Sexual pleasure is one thing that humans crave. It can be quite elusive and fleeting for many, even as they do their best to chase it. In such times, oral pleasure can be a pleasant surprise for you. Sex is the ultimate pleasure, but different kinds of oral sex can set the mood and add more excitement.
If you are in Amsterdam, you can explore more of oral pleasure with elite escorts. The ladies that work with us, they have the best oral sex techniques and you will definitely be enthralled to be in their company. Oral sex is the stimulation of genitals or sexual organs by using mouth, lips or the tongue. Beauty escorts in Amsterdam have some of the prettiest girls who can do things for you and make you enjoy oral sexual pleasure.

Types of oral sex with Amsterdam Escorts

There are various types of oral sex that men and women can indulge in. If done right, it can give you toe curling pleasure and make you super happy. You will love that you can get such pleasure without penetrative sex, which is a nought higher in terms of pleasure than oral sex. Here are various types of oral sex that make people happy.


A blowjob is the most known oral sex act and we can ensure the best oral sex escorts in Amsterdam. It is when someone takes a penis in their mouth and moves it in and out. That is the traditional description – holding the penis in the mouth and bobbing the head up and down so that the penis feels like it is penetrating something warm and wet – somewhat like a vagina. However, a blowjob can be made more erotic and interesting by adding small touches. While blowing, you could also rub the lower half of the penis with your hand and massage the balls. Elite escorts Amsterdam has ladies who know such tricks to make you feel good.

Pussy licking

Pussy licking is when a man goes down on a woman. Some men really love it and get sexual pleasure out of it. They spread open the vulva and lick the clitoris, sucking on it and nibbling. They may also push their tongue into the vagina and mimic the penis. The act is really intimate and women love it. Some men can get hard by performing and intimate and sexual act.

Sixty Nine

The 69 is when a man and woman go down on each simultaneously. The man can lie below and the woman lies on top of him. Her face is toward his genitals and in turn she exposes her pussy to the man. So, both can give oral pleasure to each other. The bodies are in contact with the other and it leads to a sensuous feeling. The woman will suck on the cock fully while massaging the balls. Beauty Escorts oral sex girls are good at what they do. As she moves in pleasure, her body does too, rubbing against the male body. It is a mutually beneficial act for both.

Enjoy Oral sex Escort Service in Amsterdam

Oral sex and pleasure can enhance a normal sex session and add some variety to what you do. We have the best Amsterdam escorts at Beauty Agency and we ensure full satisfaction if you spend time with them. There are quite a few benefits to oral pleasure too and they are as follows:
• It increases the overall pleasure during intimate moments. It brings a lot more satisfaction this way.
• Semen has been known to have antidepressant properties.
• Regular oral sex can reduce your stress levels. The end of every workday means you have some free time for yourself. Indulge in oral sex with someone to become calm and relaxed.
• This may give more of a “real” orgasm. Penetrative sex is special and amazing, but as a starting point, try oral for higher pleasure.
Our Amsterdam oral escorts will be gentle with you or rough, as you would like it. They know how to give excellent blowjobs that “blow your mind”. The ladies are trained and quite experienced in the nuances of a good blowjob, so rest assured that you will be satisfied. They know how to take you to orgasm, if you want, and let you enjoy the feeling. They will be ready for round two as well, if you want it. If you want to wait and go on to penetrative sex, even then they will be ready willing to do more with you.

Book Oral Amsterdam Escorts and have fun

If you have had a hectic week at work or are in Amsterdam for some work, take some time off during the weekend to enjoy physical pleasures with our escorts. They can provide companionship, as well as some intimate moments so that you can fully unwind and relax. There is nothing like having sex to relieve yourself from stressors. You can also choose to cuddle and kiss to feel good. And as mentioned above, the ladies give a great head!
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