Who is Eliza

Eliza is a beautiful girl, always positive, Zen to make even the most gloomy man smile. Half Portuguese and half Brazilian, this wonderful goddess is now working in our team. She is not shy even if she seems, this is just an asset that she knows how to use. He has a vibrant personality, a penetrating look and a charismatic face. The body is her strong point, who doesn’t want a Brazilian file with a well-defined abdomen and a teenager’s breasts? Eliza is 27 years old and worked in Belgium for a few years, now she has decided to continue her studies in Amsterdam and discover people and places in the Netherlands. In her free time she loves to play sports, participate in karaoke and dance. Have you been looking for a long-term partner for an unforgettable night in Amsterdam? Then Eliza will surprise you and conquer you instantly with her innocence and recklessness.

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