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We are specialists in arranged events: bachelor party, an evening with friends in the club, business dinner or metrings , we offer excellent services! Our girls are chosen to deal with all the events! Our agency is not about cheap sex services, we offer so much more! A company with a pleasant presence to make our customers feel comfortable and live an experience never before! Surely many persons think of Amsterdam as a fun destination first and foremost! Because in the past we have been asked to arrange different events and we have satisfied our clients with quality services, we can say without modesty we have the most professional escorts that adapt regardless of the situation! Today we will talk about our selection of “Party girls” Those beautiful women you meet in the club and you can not always take your eyes from them, those casual womens who dance with passion and charm! You distinguish them by refinement, elegance, self-esteem, casualness! They are always the center of attention and everyone is having fun with them, with a crazy desire for life!
Are you planning a vacation in Amsterdam with a group of friends and want it to be the hottest night ever? Whether it’s the bachelor party, whether you’re just celebrating or not, there’s a chance you’ll want a memorable night!
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Our party Amsterdam Escorts are the type if girls you need! Call our office and tell us exactly what you want and we will take care of everything! We will arrange your meal in the restaurant or club and select the best girls to accompany you in the night of your life! Our escorts know how to have fun without inhibitions, consume alcohol to the extent of common sense and are truly the soul of the party! Everyone in the club will envy you in the company of the parties! Everything will be natural and willful, the escorts love to offer such services and they adapt according to the situation … in the case of the one who “has no desire to have fun” – they will easily convince him to take part in the fun and in a few moments ….
You will see him climbing on the speakers. In case of “shy guy” the escort will give him time to get used to the situation, they are the ones who do not stand out and prefer the comfort of a drink and a good conversation on the couch, this is his way of having fun, but, more sooner or later he will enter the Party Gang!
In the case of the bachelor party, the future groom will be given the proper attention and will attend our special party for future groom! Always sexy, but decent our party girls offer maximum moments of pleasure! Recently We had a reservation of 6 girls for 6 gentlemen’s ,passed from the first youth! They come to Amsterdam to celebrate their success in company, in business! They didn’t know which restaurant to choose, were staying at the Double three by Hilton hotel, and of course they asked us if we could help with choice and organization! Because it was about 12 people, we wanted the restaurant to be close to the club! For fun we chose Escape, being the largest club in Amsterdam and located very centrally, where you meet people of different ages, which was important, in our case the clients were not “teenagers”. Cafe, The Kroon restaurant was the location for dinner, a super restaurant in the vicinity of the club. You can never miss The Kroon, they have a very well set menu, French cuisine and also live cooking, as much as the location is delightful! Our customers have rated 10 for this restaurant. Our customers made an initial reservation of 4 hours, they extended with another 4 hours!
The girls arrived at 9 pm at the clients’ hotel, after the payment was made discreet,they ordered a taxi to go to the restaurant! Our girls had already come down to wait for the gentlemen’s and give them a surprise! They were surprised when they left the hotel and the limousine was waiting for them!They all served a glass of champagne in the way to restaurant! The dinner went very well, each one being satisfied with the menu chosen! Here they had time to get to know the girls and form pairs, for what was to follow!
Around 23:30 everyone arrived at the club where We booked a VIP table near the DJ! The music was exceptional, it wasn’t even a person not to dance and have fun! Or formed pairs and each one felt extraordinarily good! In the morning our girls led the gentlemen ‘s in the hotel room and offered them massage and intense moments of pleasure and relaxation! As proof that the night was sensational here we leave Jake’s comment from everyone: Dear team, Thank you for the hottest night we have lived so far, if at first we had doubts in organizing a party in Amsterdam, now, I recommend you to all our acquaintances! We didn’t even imagine it would be so enjoyable! The limousine was a big surprise and the restaurant was 10 .The girls were wonderful, especially Thanks to Mira and Betty (they know why). We hope to see you again