LockDown – 5 Things you must do in Amsterdam once COVID-19 Restrictions are lifted

From 15 December 2020 until 19 January 2021 Nethelands in under LOCK DOWN . Beauty Escorts Amsterdam is closed and we don’t provide any services during this time . Stay Safe and read our great article and plan yuor next trip to Amsterdam aonce COVID 19 Restrictions are lifted.

Discover Amazing Amsterdam once COVID 19 Restrictions are lifted

Amsterdam is a hub for fun and recreational activities all around the globe. The city is one of the most populous one in Netherlands and has a wide range of opportunities to offer. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic certain restrictions have been imposed for safety purposes that have hindered the usual lives of the tourists as well as the local residents. However, once these restrictions are lifted, the normalcy of recreation and rich heritage shall be restored. Amsterdam is a spellbinding city with an active night life that should be experienced by everyone. We have listed down the top 5 things one must do once the restrictions of the lockdown have been lifted.

TRAVEL to Netherlands

Amsterdam serves an excellent opportunity for all the travel lovers to explore. The city is a rich hub of cultural heritage and attractive places that would charm the visitors. It offers a number of appealing places in the form of popular sites, countryside, windmills and beaches. These places have been attracting tourists all over the world since time immemorial. The rich demographic diversity offers great chances to explore the ethnicities and scenic beauty of the land. Cycling is an important recreational activity in Amsterdam. A day out cycling can fetch memories to cherish throughout one’s lifetime.

SHOPPING in Holland

Amsterdam offers a wide range of facilities for all the shopaholics. The city is highly renowned for its independent shopping streets. The shopping meccas are highly popular among the masses as they provide a variety of commodities at affordable prices. The most popular shopping site is The Nine Streets that has over 200 retailers including independent boutiques and even specialized stores selling a wide range of items from designer clothes to homemade cosmetics. Souvenirs can be availed in best quality from these independent retailers.


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Amsterdam provides the finest drinks that are renowned all around the globe. Drinking experience in Amsterdam shall be experienced by all the alcohol lovers since it is one of the finest experiences. The bars and pubs enhance the night life and pack it with fun and enjoyment. This city serves the finest beer and other local alcoholic depends. The ambience of the bars is highly remarkable and the atmosphere helps in the enhancement of the drinking experience. The roof top bars offer amazing scenic beauty with a stunning skyline, thus is highly recommended to visit once one is in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam extends a rich cultural diversity and heritage. The city is the ultimate destination for the art lovers. A number of museums, art galleries and sites of historical significance in the city make it a place of attraction for the visitors and tourists. The most popular site that one cannot skip while visiting Amsterdam is the Anne Frank house. It displays the lifestyle of the renowned character in history, Anne Frank and her family. The life during the most disheartening times or the Holocaust is reflected through the artifacts in the house. The art galleries feature a number of artworks by renowned artists. The historical significance and the cultural richness shall not be neglected while visiting the city.

In conclusion, Amsterdam of the capital city of Netherlands offers a considerable number of opportunities that shall be explored by every individual or tourist once the Covid-19 pandemic’s restrictions are lifted. The city’s night life is to be witnessed in order to make worthy memories. The high class escorts Amsterdam are one of the best in the world and offer top tier services that shall not leave a scope of complaints. These reliable escort services provide one with appealing escorts to enhance the experience in the city through sex and erotic massages.