Lily Story – “Marriage ruined my life and Escort Service change it “

Holland is a amazing country ,Amsterdam is the most famous city but you did not discover Zaandvoort ,small and chic city by the sea! Today I have to meet with some of our girls to Nh zaandvoort hotel ,they invite me for a hot day at the beach and I could not say no when the weather in Holland is great ,which not happen very often because of the capricious climate!
I arrive in Zaandvoort pretty fast with the train from Central station Amsterdam ,took just 35 min and was a busy day because all the people feel the same ,to enjoy the sea view today ! Erika ,Dona , Lily had a late breakfast at the restaurant from the hotel and they was ready for a great day ! Lily was a bit nervous because her cousin was there also and she did not like her that much ! Lily is new in our team and she have a great life now but before starting with Escort she pass difficult moments and she was in a depression! She married very young with a Dutch guy that believe will be with her forever ! She is a Fitness instructor and love her job very much ,so most of the time she was spending in the gym ,Her ex husband was a business men and the time was limited also!They did not had time for themselves anymore! They eat separate,sleep separately and enjoying the free time also separated! Lily parents live in Zaandvoort so when she had more time visit them and even spend a night in them house ! In a night when Lily was in Zaandvoort by her parents, decide to go out for a drink and there she saw her husband with her cousin,was shocking ! That’s why today she did not fell comfortable to see her cousin because she. Remember the whole story from 2 years ago ! Lily is a great ,strong woman and she recover pretty fast !We also meet Lily in the same great city after a party and when you see such a attractive woman is impossible to don’t ask
Her if she would like to be a escort part time !So it happen ,Lily was the First Lady that I just meet and give her a business card and ask her to call us in case she wish! Lily said I did the best thing for her! Since that her perspective of life change completely in the momemnt I invite her to join our team ! She is one of our great Escorts but she don’t work full time because her first love is being a gym instructor! If you want to have great sweat moments with ravishing Lily make a booking in time,she is quiet busy !Now she know that she deserves and can have more then her ex husband and she is very proud when gentlemen’s admire her hot body to the beach !
Call Beauty Escorts Amsterdam and make a appointmet with Lily , is one in a milion type of woman !