Kamasutra positions you must try while having sex

The Kamasutra is a well-known text that talks about sex and lovemaking.

When you think about sex, you will either think about your partner or Escorts in Amsterdam. You would obviously want to enjoy these intimate acts with either a person you are connected with or someone who is willing to try new things. The Kamasutra is a Sanskrit text on emotional fulfilment, eroticism and sexuality. The chapters talk about courtship, flirting, desire and sexual positions. It covers everything from kissing, intimacy, foreplay, sizes, massage, oral sex, the woman’s needs to passion and sexual excitement.
You can follow this text to attain pleasure. Amsterdam escorts are quite experienced and willing to try new things to please clients. So, whether you are having sex with your significant other or any beautiful women, here are :

10 Kamasutra positions you must try while having sex with a call girl in Amsterdam

1. Blossoming
The Blossoming or the utphallaka position is for different sized vagina and penises. A penis can be a stallion, bull or hare whereas a vagina can be cow-elephant, mare or a doe. This position elevates the vulva higher than the head. A mix of missionary and a Pilate’s bridge, the woman lies down while the man kneels near her vagina. Her legs are elevated so that her butt rests on the man’s thighs. The vagina opens up more, especially of the man’s penis is larger and the woman’s vaginal opening is small. It is easier to accommodate the penis this way.

2. Lotus
The Lotus or the Padmasana is an intimate position for two people to gain maximum pleasure. The male sits cross legged, while the female sits on top of the man’s thighs and wraps her legs around him. Just like a pretzel. They are facing each other, with the woman’s breasts exposed to man’s gaze or touch. The woman can either rub against the man for outercourse or lower herself onto the penis. The couple can hug each other as they move to a rhythm in pleasure.

3. Gaping
Gaping or jrimbhitaka combines the thrill of sex with being upside down. The woman must raise her legs and place them on the man’s shoulders, such that the back of the knee is on his shoulders. The man kneels near the vagina and attempts penetration. If you figure this out, then you can have maximum penile pleasure.

4. The Spin
A very sensual position, the spin or the paravrittaka, requires a woman to spin around with the penis in her vagina. Of course, she cannot be squeezing the member hard while doing so. She will have to slide on the penis while facing away from the man. After having intercourse for a while in this position, she needs to turn around and face the man, while the penis is inside her vagina. This move apparently pleases the man a whole lot and with the Escorts in Amsterdam, you can try this and more.

5. The Standing position
The sthitarata or standing position is a very different sex category. It requires the man to stand against a wall or column with the woman facing him and he needs to thrust. A higher level requires the woman to keep her feet on the man’s palms as he holds her and keep on thrusting. Quite adventurous I’d say.

6. The Queen of Heaven
This one is named after the wife of God Indra as he invented this position. Also known as Indranika, this position intends to open up the vagina for penetration. The man will wrap his thighs around his partner and open the vagina with his hands forcefully. Once the channel is open, he can enter the woman’s body and thrust away.

7. The Broken Flute
This one is a wild and crazy form of Kamasutra sex that you can explore with Beautiful escorts in Amsterdam. This “broken flute” position requires the man to kneel while the woman lies down. She puts one foot on his shoulder while the other is held near his buttocks. She changes the feet positions on the shoulder alternatively while having sex. This could make sex more pleasurable to both parties.

8. Hanging
This position is a variation of the standing position and is also known as the avalambitaka. The man stands and leans against a sturdy surface like a wall while the woman holds onto him with her legs against the wall. The butt hangs in the air as she is impaled by the man, holding on to her hips. For the adventurous, this can be something they try for fun. This could also be a good exercise for you if are into sexual pleasure with a workout.

9. The Cow
Commonly known as the doggy style today, the inspiration for this position in the ancient days was the cow. The woman kneels with her hands on the floor, with the head facing downwards. While the man kneels behind her, holds on to her hips and penetrates her vagina. This is one of the most popular styles for intercourse and there is good reason for that.

10. The Peasant
This is the most erotic positions that have been mentioned by the Kamasutra. The man sits down, and the woman sits on his lap, opening her vagina for him. Imagine sitting on a chair with the woman on top of the man. The woman is facing forward, meaning her back is to him. This opens up possibilities for fingering the woman and stimulating her clitoris. The man can also play with her breasts as she bounces on him.

The Kamasutra is an ancient text, full of great knowledge. Sexual positions are just one part of it and if you go deeper it will tell you in detail about sexual satisfaction and pleasuring as well. Men and women both can benefit from this, especially if you are looking to bring some spice and try something new while having sex. Moreover, the girls from Beauty Escorts Amsterdam are also experienced in some of the exotic Kamasutra positions which you can try at least once.