Imagination can Overcome your limits with Duo Amsterdam Escorts

Every man has a dream of enjoying a threesome with two gorgeous hot ladies who know their way around in the bed. If you are in Amsterdam, for business or pleasure, you should make the time to gift yourself this fantasy. You can not only experience the quintessential desire of reaching the epitome of sexual ecstasy in a threesome, but can also use the occasion to indulge in some other kinds of fetishes and sexual taboos.
All this is possible with the stunning escorts in Amsterdam!
It may be noted that escort services are completely legal in Holland. You can avail outcall escort services and book the sexual company of two of the prettiest ladies in the escort business. If it is the first time that you have a threesome, then it will definitely be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!
A sexual jaunt with Duo Escorts in Amsterdam
Thalia is a sexy Italian high class escort in Amsterdam. She has a svelte slim creamy body with long toned legs. One look at her will make you cum in your pants! And she can be your sexual partner for a few hours or more when you book her through her escort agency.
Thalia likes to ensure that the atmosphere is serene and the clients are relaxed in her presence. She wants her customers to enjoy every second that they spend with her. Hence, she always prefers to offer a soothing massage to clients and get them comfortable and ready for a sexual escapade with her
If you liked Thalia, then there is no doubt that you will fall head over heels with Donna.
Donna is a mischievous and petite high class escort whose body is a wonderland. Even an hour in bed with her will take you on a tour of the seven realms of heaven. Her stealth in the bed and her sexual expertise will simply take your breath away! She may be small-framed, but her energy in the bed will leave you astounded. Any time spent with her is something that you will never ever forget.
Donna is bisexual and often works in tandem with Thalia as part of the duo escorts services of their agency. All their clients have sworn by their amazing services and the ease with which they help them discover the joys of a threesome with two beautiful ladies in their prime sexual prowess.

One night with Duo Escorts Thalia and Donna True Story

Last night Thalia and Donna were booked by a client for a duo escort service. He was in town for business and had a very successful outing. Hence, he wanted to treat himself for a job well done. He booked the services of Donna and Thalia for the entire night. He had been a sort of regular client of the agency, but this was the first time that he was trying out a threesome!
Donna and Thalia arrived at the appointed hour at the hotel room doorstep of the client. He greeted them and offered them champagne to commence the debauched revelry.
In addition to the sexual celebration between three steamy, sweaty naked bodies, the client had booked a few additional services as well. One of them was a striptease. So, Thalia took over and gave a kama-sutra like massage to the client while Donna performed a slow, teasing striptease. The room was decently lit with candles and perfumed to create the right ambiance for an amazing night of physical and psychological pleasure.
After the striptease and the massage, the client asked Thalia to dress up as Princess Leia from Star Wars. This was not previously stated by the client, but she readily agreed for the role play. He had the Leia dress in his closet; he got it out and gave it to Thalia. When she changed into the costume, both the client and Donna got horny. She looked really sexually sumptuous!
Both Donna and the client jumped into the arms of the now Princess Leia and began ravaging her comely body. Donna was in the nude as she had completely stripped of her clothes during the striptease. The client was thus the happiest man on the planet.
He sucked on the ripe breasts of Donna and held the princess as his arm candy. He then took both of them to the bed. There began a session that was to last for quite a few hours. Both Donna and the client slowly de-robed the Princess Thalia and all of them came into a natural embrace charged in sexual electricity.
Thalia pinned the client onto the bed and then began riding her like a wild bronco. Donna lay down besides the client and showered his entire body with the sweetest of kisses.
Soon it was time for Thalia and Donna to leave. The client offered them a big tip and ensured that they safely got into their ride back to the agency. The Duo Escorts were sure, just like the client, that this threesome was the first of many to come! This is what our Amsterdam Escorts can “do with the clients ” and we like to say that Imagitaion can overcome your limits and fantasies become reality ! Book Now your wonderful time , your dreams will come real ,we promise that !