How will Amsterdam Celebrate King’s day in 2020?

King’s Day Amsterdam 2020 – Beauty Escorts Amsterdam

The King’s day is celebrated on the 27th April of every year across the Netherlands, but the major festivities are concentrated in Amsterdam making it the hotspot of the celebrations.
The King’s day in Amsterdam marks the birthday celebrations of King Willem-Alexander and was primarily started as an occasion to promote and honor the Dutch Royal Family. Every year the celebrations in Amsterdam see over 70,000 people and visitors turning the city into a splendid platform of carnival festival.
Many local people and visitors gather around the city wearing tangerine clothes, wigs and paint to showcase the symbolism of the color attached to the national pride of Dutch that pays honor to the royal family.
As it is a national holiday on King’s day in Amsterdam, most of the workers and professionals get a day off which enables them to enjoy the celebrations happening across the streets and canals of Amsterdam.
Along with the streets of Amsterdam, even the waterways and canals are flocked by people celebrating and enjoying the festivities and entertaining themselves with different activities going on around them. It is quite fascinating to observe how all the celebrations are so entertaining and organized despite any municipality or local authority observation. The streets of Amsterdam are occupied by multiple vendors who sell secondhand goods and homemade local food items. There is live music spilling across the corners of the street turning the whole city into a marvelous music festivity. People get involved in all these activities as per their interests from the night till the following morning of King’s day to make the most of this street festival and wild fun.

Prior to 2020, the celebrations in Amsterdam were wild and crazy with numerous activities going on the streets along with an increased demand for numerous escort services. Along the streets, different activities and pathways used to be full of people around and bookings were made prior to King’s day to avoid a lot of hustle. This was one of the reasons why prior booking was required for different escort services to compete with the high demand for beautiful Amsterdam Escorts during this period. There were wild discreet parties happening around the city but still, some people preferred booking for Elite Escorts to obtain the best out of everyone. We also noticed that the booking hours for our escorts were also increased. There was a widespread increase in the booking from the party escort services during the King’s day celebrations.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the King’s day celebrations in Amsterdam won’t happen in the same light as the previous years due to the ban of social gatherings all around the world. There will be no booking for high profile escorts or any escort services due to social distancing measures in place and therefore no high-profile parties in Amsterdam with Escorts this year. But despite all the restrictions, the King’s day can be celebrated from home to commemorate this national occasion across the city.

Here are some of the ways in which the people are planning to celebrate the King’s day from home in 2020 –

1. Flaunting the Dutch flag and decorating in tangerine

This can be one of the most interesting and unusual ways of celebrating the King’s day from home. People can decorate their homes in tangerine or orange color to not feel the absence of this color symbolizing the Dutch Royal family. This will give them a sense of celebrations and they can honor the Royal family by flaunting the Dutch flag through their balconies or outdoor areas. This way the whole city can contribute to celebrations by being away yet combining efforts.

2. Undertaking virtual celebrations

People all around the world have been able to stay connected with each other due to the advancement of technology and the use of electronic devices. Technology can once again be used to make this year’s King’s day celebrations unique and unforgettable by hosting a virtual party with friends and family. Even though virtual fun cannot be compared to the real fun with people around you, it is still a good way to avoid the fear of missing out.

3. Playing Dutch music

Even though people have been restricted from social gatherings, they can still feel each other’s presence through songs and music. People can gather in their respective balconies or outdoor areas and honor the King’s day by playing Dutch music and commemorating the celebrations that happen every year. Music has a knack for connecting people together and can deeply connect individuals to their own city and nostalgic experiences during this tough time. It can also prove to be a good way of relaxing with the help of music when most of the people are suffering through severe levels of anxiety and stress due to COVID-19.

4. Selling old goods and clothes online

During King’s day, the streets are full of vendors trying to sell and people trying to buy old and secondhand goods. It marks a great time during the year when the exchange of these goods happens around the city in such a large number. Due to technology, people can still make this happen during this year by selling and purchasing old and secondhand goods and clothes online. This will help them in not missing any opportunity from benefiting from practicing sustainability in clothing and goods.

5. Indulging in classic Dutch Cinema

There are numerous movies and documentaries about Dutch history, culture, and festivals. This quarantine period at home can turn out to be an awesome opportunity to connect with the roots of Dutch history and cinema by willingly indulging in one. This will enable people to learn more about the history and culture of Dutch festivals and celebrations and provide them with a new light to perceive it.

While most of the people had plans of celebrating the King’s day on the hustling and bustling streets of Amsterdam, these ways can prove to be some of the interesting ways to celebrate and stay united during COVID-19.COVID-19 has caused an immense amount of disruption in the daily lives of people with them being restricted to cater to only their basic needs. This has prohibited them from undertaking any sort of entertainment activities apart from the ones that can be done from home. But it is important to support the local and government authorities during this crucial period to curb the spread of the virus.
The various escort services are not the major end of the losing line due to this virus, but they are planning to support the restrictions thereby encouraging people to celebrate the King’s day from home. As COVID- 19 has spread across the world in a very short duration of time, people from different fields, backgrounds, and classes have been adversely affected putting forth a global economic crisis. The medical professionals and government bodies still comprehend the advent and spread of this virus. As different countries are in the process of unfolding the character, development, and complexity of this virus, it cannot be determined by most of them about the downfall in the economic growth rate and the various sectors that are likely to get affected due to this crisis.
But in Amsterdam, the  Escort agencies is losing a lot of customers this year due to the ban on the bookings and social isolation in place. It is yet supporting this endeavor by looking into opportunities to flatten the loss in business the next year and encouraging people to follow social distancing measures and celebrate the King’s day from home. People from the city have resorted to these social distancing measures but during the times of festivals, it is likely to feel isolated and alone due to lack of human contact. But this can be taken care of during the following year is what has been predicted and is hoped by numerous people. This is one of the most difficult times for mankind due to disruption in any sort of entertainment service which has also adversely affected the entertainment industry and niche.

Amsterdam is quite popular for its entertainment industry due to which every year there is a high demand for high profile escorts during the Kings’ day.
While COVID-19 has caused an immense amount of destruction for most of the economies around the world, it has also given the opportunity to view the world from a different lens and retrospect on human actions. With the social distancing measures in place, people in Amsterdam are going to experience a different sort of King’s day celebration in their history. Instead of hordes of people dressed in tangerine on the streets with live music, street entertainment and play, concerts, and flea markets, people are going to resort to subtle ways of commemorating this occasion from their homes.

Rather than an occasion of fun, wildness, and enjoyment, this year the King’s day will mark people honoring the solidarity of the nation through resorting to home fun rather than wild fun. This will also be done with the hope to have more celebrations and fun during King’s day in 2021.