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Amsterdam is the Venice of Europe and a city which allows the sale of sex legally.
And if you are young and single then you may want to partake the offerings. Even if you aren’t young you can do it.
Amsterdam is quite popular for its Red-Light District or the De Wallen. Red lights on windows highlight the women who want to offer you carnal pleasures. If you want to engage in sex, then you talk to them and they take you inside.
There are agencies that have escorts who can help you with your needs.
This service can be discreet and doesn’t involve you walking through the Red-light District trying to engage in sex. Being an escort doesn’t always mean having sex. Sex is an aspect of being an escort but not the only thing. You could go out with an escort as a date or just hang out. They can be hired for a fixed period to do anything you want. Well, mostly anything you want. You need a date, you want to hang out with someone, want the girlfriend experience – hire an escort.
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Will, a frequent traveller to Amsterdam narrated his experience with escorts.
Will is a 35-year-old single man and often has to travel to Amsterdam. He lives there for long periods of time – upwards of two weeks. The days can be long and lonely, so he tried Call girls in Amsterdam for company and pleasure. The agency helped him find Jolie, a twenty-year-old who was into older men. First, they just went out a few times, simply hanging out and then spending the night in bed together. He felt like she was his match in every way. Then he booked her for a girlfriend experience the next time he visited Amsterdam.
They messaged and cuddle and he took her out on a few dates. She would provide him company on those nights when he returned tired from a long day at work. They would watch movies or play games on the PlayStation, till he got ready for bed. Then they would spend passionate nights and Jolie was up for almost anything. She experimented with being a dominatrix and Will just loved that side of her. She also participated in a little BDSM which made Will very happy.
One night she surprised him with handcuffs and Will used it on her. He locked her to the headboard and went down on her. He licked and sucked on her clit as she writhed, trying to hold on to anything as she raced towards an orgasm. He played with her nipples, pinched them and suckled on them. Then she tied him up and sucked his cock till he shook with desire. She took off her top and rode him hard. The first time she took charge and pleasured him, Will couldn’t forget that night. She slowly descended on his stiff cock and sat fully on him. She bounced and rolled on top of him, her tits shaking with each movement. He wanted to touch them and play with them as he moved in her body. But she had locked his wrists to the headboard and that just made him crazier. When she removed the handcuffs, he couldn’t control. He bent her down and just fucked her hard from behind. That night was very satisfying for Will. Oh that’s BDSM sex and that too from a young escort from Beauty Escorts.
In another instance, he wanted to go trekking and camping. Jolie came with him again and she walked all the way with him without getting tired or giving up. They spent almost four days surrounded by nature, and she showed a lot of enthusiasm in learning how to survive in the wild. Will, in turn, taught her skills. She learned fishing and the ways she could build a fire. Then at night they would put up a tent and cook on the bonfire. Once snuggled inside, they would spend some part of the night listening to animal sounds and having sex, until they were sated enough to sleep.
Will really had a great time those days when he got Jolie. But he didn’t want commitment and just great company. So, the escort worked well for him. His nights and some free days were occupied with her and he didn’t feel too lonely.
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