History of prostitution in Amsterdam

Prostitution in the Netherlands was tolerated in the Middle Ages and prostitutes were not allowed to marry. In the 16th century, the Church and the State were the same, so they condemned prostitution as a sin. But the city of Amsterdam had begun to regulate prostitution. Until the 15th century, the Dutch cities kept prostitution out ofthe city walls. In the 16th century when the city of the Netherlands separated from the Spanish side, they converted from Catholicism to Calvinism and stopped regulating prostitution.
In the 17th century, sexuality was openly displayed but the image of prostitutes was negative. The government was unable to hold the laws against prostitution and largely left them alone if they didn’t make trouble. The 18thcentury also didn’t show much promise but in the 19th century, the Napoleon armies began to regulate prostitution to protect soldiers. Prostitutes had to register and were subjected to medical examinations. They were handed red cards (work permits) and had to declare that they were sexually healthy and fit.
The 19th century saw stricter morals and a movement against regulated prostitution. Prostitution was legalised as a profession in 1988. The red-light area in Amsterdam – De Wallen attracted migrant populations and prostitutes because of its proximity to the harbour. In the 1570s sex workers were forced underground. The trade was small scale but had spread around the harbour. Sex workers couldn’t take back clients to the parlours so gambling houses provided rooms, luxurious ones at that and they soon became brothels. In the Napoleonic period, the soldiers were the main customers of De Wallen.
The history of DeWallen is 800 years old. It is the main place known for prostitution.
The De Wallen emerged when a bridge was built to connect islands. The most customers for prostitutes were sailors who landed on the shores with riches. Sex work has always been going on in De Wallen, fluctuating between allowed and not allowed. Women initially advertised their services on the streets but in the 60s it was illegal to solicit from doorways. A woman could sit behind the windows if the curtains were almost closed. They would burn a red light which would spill out from the space between the curtains. This was a signal for men that they could go in for a prostitute. Even today the red lights are used, but the women don’t have to close the curtains anymore.
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In many countries, where prostitution is illegal, women still use it as a means to support themselves. Because of the illegal nature, these women are susceptible to risks and violence. They aren’t protected. But because Amsterdam has made it legal, women are in a safer environment and they can earn their living through this trade. They aren’t persecuted for it. Many women enjoy it and it helps them pay their bills. The timings are flexible, and they are like a freelance worker who markets themselves and creates their own client base. The earnings are decent as a prostitute behind the window starts with 50 Euros for 15-20 minutes of sex and it can go higher. Men can also relieve themselves and enjoy the company of a woman freelyhere.
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