Guy Parade Amsterdam 2019- Best Party ever

Every year in Amsterdam in 4 th August the community of LGBTQ celebrated the Guy Parade , is a great show in the streets of Amsterdam and on the canals ! Around 450.000 people this year celebrate and enjoy with them and they definitely say that was a great experience! We did celebrate too and have fun with this pace fully and funny community ! The theme this year was “Remember the past create the future “and commemorate the fiftieth years anniversary of the historic Stonewall rebellion. Was a perfect day ,sun was shining in the rainy city of Amsterdam and in the air was that party felling,everyone was excited about ! We have some new escort girls in our team and decide to invite and show them haw a great party is ! We rent a boat and at 2 pm 15 persons was in the boat all with funny and colorful costume ! Some of the lady’s where bisexual some was there only for fun ! To join guy parade is not a must to be part of LGBTQ community is just a must to be open minded and accept people the way they are and to party hard ! On our boat was Divina Alexis ,Eva ,Rachel ,Christine ,Lyly ,Dona ,Elis,Caroline ,Taylor,Sophie ,Patricia ,Simone and some other friends ! We had on ice beer and wine and great music so we start floating on the canals and enjoy !There were boats that represented Dutch police, the military, and an undertakers’ organization. The guy pride was during 5 hours to the canals of Amsterdam and this year the music was not extremely loud but we all said that was the best party during the last years ! When the night comes and people are not in the boats anymore they go in the clubs to continue the party and so we did ! We have booked a table at Escape club being the biggest in Amsterdam in Rembrandt plain where all the clubs and bars are there was full of people that did not care what religion you have or what are your sexual preference they was enjoying the same vibe like us ! This was the second time participating at a Guy parade in Amsterdam and we had a great experience! Amsterdam is a amazing city where you find freedom , open minded people that don’t care what job , color of skin or sexual orientations you have , respect is for all the same and you can do whatever you want no one will watch strange at you ! Never visit Amsterdam ? You lose the best experience of your life ! This great city is a treasure ! Come one next year and live this experience with us ! Regards Beauty Escorts Team