Frequenty Asked Questions at Beauty Escorts Agency

Beauty Escorts Amsterdam is in the escort business for 7 years , and during all this time we struggle to provide high class escort service!

What makes us different from the rest of milieu can be visible from our costumers reviews and in our update webiste !

This days escort service get a profitable and easy business,or at least this is in the mind of all the” agency’s “that just copy our texts and pictures , pretend to be as good as we are ! They can fool a client one or two times but not more then that !
We get every day clients that don’t trust the authenticity of our words and we have to prove them why we are different, but after we gain them trust they always comeback ! Like you can see in our webiste , we have a great collection of beautiful high class lady’s but our rates are also higher then the rest ! This happens because the good lady’s will never work and provide quality services for less money !
When you want a good food you go to a good restaurant … but when you are just really hungry you join Mc Donald’s ! Don’t get us wrong ,Mc Donald’s is still good compared with some other agency’s have and offer in Amsterdam like “ high class companions “ for “ maximum pleasure “ ! To make part of our team first you have to know what respect means , then other very mandatory qualities are : professionalism , discretion, Beauty ness , intelligence , communication skills , flexibility ! The girls have to be civilized ,pleasant ,appealing,sociable , humorous and Ofcourse stunning ! A question that we get every single day at least 4-5 time is :

1 Are the pictures on the webiste real ? The same lady will show up ?

Yes they are ! You will get the same lady the you order ,of-course if she is available ! If the lady of your choice is not available we gone inform you and try to recommend other that is similar and match your requests ! We NOT gone send other lady just to don’t lose clients ! If we don’t have what you want we don’t make false promises ,that’s for sure !

2 What is the price ?

We have a price structure that depends of each lady , our babes are free to put they’re own prices and they know very well the value of the services they provide ! Price for 1 hour session is starting at 160 euros per hour and goes up to 250 euros per hour for a high class lady ! The price depends on some factors like : The experience of the model in escort business , her skills and abilities. The service provided is the same and included erotic massage , blow job with condom and sex 1 time ,transportation and condoms are also included in the fee! We don’t have hidden prices , you can find the rate of each escort at her individual page ! The rate for couples (men and woman ) is 250 euros and the services provided are the same but the couple escort girl in Amsterdam will be more involved in the erotic game of the woman .

3 What extras provide each girl and what is the fee ?

Each lady have listed at her personal page the services that she provide for extra ,as per extras , we believe that the escort can put her own price depends on the wishes of the client and we recommend this to be agreed between them at the meeting point . They will not over charge you , but have to understand that each lady is unique as is the client . In case you don’t find the extra service that are you looking for you , always can ask us and we will be more then glad to guide you choosing the call girl that you need !

3 Haw long will take for the girl to “arrive here “?

This a common question! We can not guess locations so please first mention the name of the hotel are you staying or provide the address of your apartment! We have a estimation time of arrival for centrum of Amsterdam between 30-45 min and for Amsterdam Airport area 40-45 min ! But ,please ,understand that is all about traffic and meteorologists conditions! Sometimes are streets closed because of working condition or because the authorities decide so ! Like you saw Amsterdam have a huge traffic ! Regarding the Schiphol airport area hotels like Sheroton ,Hilton ,Citizen M is normally 35 min when is not traffic jump ! But you have also hotels that use the name Airport but they are quiet far ! For hotels like Nh airport, Hayat Place Regency ,Crowne Plaza or Renaissance , will definitely take 45-50 minutes even ! This hotels are not near airport ,are in Hoofddorp area or Almere and is a distance between 25-30 km ! In the moment you place your booking we inform right the way the escort and the driver , but the lady need 10-15 min to get ready and the driver almost the same time to reach her place . After that start the distance from Amsterdam where most of the lady’s live to the destination point of your location . We do our best in explaining all this process so clients that order can have a ideea and to understand why sometimes take a bit longer then we estimate ! When there is a delay more then 10 min we always contact the client back and inform about it !

4 . What details we need from costumers while set up the appointment?

Like you can see in our webiste booking form we ask for the next details and we gone explain why !
– Details of your location (name hotel ,address,postcode ) like this we know exactly where the lady have to be. In Amsterdam are more hotels with very similar names so to don’t get confused and to deliver to wrong hotel sometimes we ask also the address of the hotel . Please inform yourself about the exactly location you are before placing a booking !
– We need your room number and name . “Why you need my name ? I want to keep
Privacy … I can not provide my name “.Sorry …then ,if you can not provide your name and room number we can not also provide you with the service ! All the hotels in Amsterdam need a key card to access the elevator , if we don’t have this details the receptionist can not help the lady to reach your room ! I know you don’t want the lady to pass reception but there is not other way ! This process is made for the safety of the client and the lady ! You are totally allowed to have visits in your room and the front desk is not there to ask any questions but to help ! You have to understand that is not need to worry about anything ! We are in the business for 7 years and we care about the privacy of our clients ! That’s why after the lady will finish her time with you we gone delete all your details and never contact you !
– Phone number , yes ,we also need your phone number because: sometimes we can get late and we always like to keep our clients up date , sometimes at the front desk are waiting 10-15 people to check in so
In that case we gone call you to come down to pick up the lady and for any other unpredictable situations !

5 What type of payment you accept and when I have to pay ?

We prefer cash and we accept the next currency, euro, usd , pounds . Card payment is also possible but when you inform us in advance 2-4 hours ! We don’t charge exchange fee and we apply the exchange rate used at that moment. We don’t accept payment in advance , fell free to set up you booking in time to rest assured that you will meet the lady you want . You have to pay the lady when she arrived . In case you arrive late and had not time to withdraw cash , our driver can help you find the nearest cash point without any extra charge when you are a regular client or when you prefer a longer booking . Unfortunately we can not help all the clients at this point , please check with our operators in advance if that is your situation .

6 Haw many time I can cum in 1 hour ?

Some people abusing of this question … but we hope to make it clear now ! When you book 1 hour time with our lady/s you can have sex /cum 1 time !
Omg…why ? I pay for a full hour ?
Well ,honey … we provide high class escort service companionship , if you can not understand what that means probably our services don’t suit you ! In 1 hour time you can have a nice introduction conversation, a erotic massage , enjoy a glass of wine and so many other ways to enjoy your time . Sex means anything without the prelude !! If there is not a nice start not gone be a nice time and we like to offer amazing experience even if is for 1 hour !
Never compare red light district or street sex workers with a escort ! If you don’t know well the term “escort” we would proudly like to explain you ,that a escort is a refined lady that get paid for her companionship time , first of all !
We can select our clientele and that is valid with our escort girls ! If we thing that you are to drunk , or you can not understand our rules of behavior we will not take your booking ! We have the right to refuse u when something is not going well during our conversation ! When the lady arrive and she don’t fell save or well in your company for some reasons she can cancel the booking and go !
Safety and a good atmosphere is very important during a booking !
On the end of our helpful article we would like to mentions some TIPS for a perfect metting :
– Always take a shower and fresh yourself up before the lady arrive .
– Don’t wait the lady naked or covered with a towel
– Don’t abuse of alcohol or drugs before your meeting
– Have some fresh drinks for the lady ( you dont have to provide champagne if you are not in the mood of that , just some fresh water or juice will be perfect )
– Respect the lady and don’t force her to do things she don’t like (in this case the stuff of the reception and the authority will be informed right the way ).
– Take 5-10 minutes in the beginning of the meeting to know eachater and to talk freely about the services that you do/don’t like .
– Never touch the phone or the purse of the lady
– Please made the payment when the lady arrive so she can inform us that .
– Be soft during the sexual act
– Don’t pull her hair or slap her ass , girls hate that , and she is not your woman ,remember that !
– Provide with clean towels because when the time is over , our lady’s will always go for a shower !

Our escort girls belive in the motto “What you give ,you will get it back “ so remember that and offer them a good time and they will offer you the best time of your life !
If during the booking time there is something that you find it unacceptable please call us right the way !
We believe in the satisfaction of our clients and always try to improve our services , please get in touch with us with a feedback !
Kind regards Beauty Escorts Team