Forbidden questions when you meet an escort

Everyone feels uncomfortable in the face of some personal questions!
Whether it’s the first time you’ve called the escort service or tried before, never ask uncomfortable questions to the courtesan. We have made a article with the 10 Questions that you Never shut ask a escort :
1. Questions about family: “Where is your family?Do you have brothers ,sisters?”
Every person feels vexatious when you ask such personal things as the family topic. Of course they have a family, and of course they will not discuss such topics with a client, not at the first meeting! Surely you are not so open to talking personal things with a stranger!
2.” Do your friends /familly know that you do this job?”
Another question you will never shut ask an escort, you will ruin any desire and ruin the meeting! What importance have for you if her friends knows about her job ? Is just to satisfy your curiosity? or what is the propouse of this foolish inquiry ?
3.” How long have you been doing this job?”
Keep in mind that not all girls are open to such questions! We understand you want to have a conversation but you didn’t choose the right quiz! If some girls have been working for 4-5 years already, and can answer you without any hesitation , other escorts are new 3-4 months and nobody wants to know this!
4 . “You like sex, that’s why you’re an escort?”
“Well …. we are hypocrites if we do not recognize that we like and enjoy sex but that does not mean that the girls chose this job because they are nymphomaniacs and they cannot live without sex! Each person has their own choices and beliefs and this is definitely not the right question!
5.” How many customers did you have today? I am the first customer today?”
How can you ask such questions, man? This quizzing is offensive and can even cause cancellation! No escort will accept and tolerate such a question! If you have not done so far, we tell you, you called an escort office, these young lady’s may have a client in the evening or even 5, but that does not concern you!They work and satify haw many clients they want ,you will never know if you are the first one or not , because our call girls love what they do and ofcourse when they are tired or not in the mood will take the day off.
6.” What amount do you earn in the evening, or in the month?”
Neither your office colleague feels comfortable when you ask him about money, or close people! If such a question comes to your mind, keep it for yourself! Never ask an escort how much she earns! But we tell you that money is never enough, especially when you are young and beautiful!
7. “Can I have your phone number, facebook, instagram or email”?
You already know the answer, obviously No! But a true gentleman will never ask such a question! You cannot meet the escort without an agency, because she works legally and pays taxes, it is totally forbidden to ask for her phone number or other contact information!
8. “At what age did you start your sex life?”
If men are proud when they start their sex life early , and want everyone to know, women keep this intimate detail for them! It doesn’t matter at what age she start sex life and it certainly is not a proper question from you!
9.” What are your life plans after you no longer work as an escort? Do you want to get married, have children?”
This is the most inappropriate question! You ruined the evening! Like any woman, escorts have plans for the future, but certainly not to a client will confess!
10. “Did u ever had a bad experience with a client?”
This can happen , because Amsterdam is free of drugs and people fell like kings of the world sometimes , but the escort lady’s for sure don’t want to share any bad thing with u like a client.The escort lady’s are there to offer you a nice ,quality time .We let in the hands of the authority the bad clients ,the escorts are protected and have rights in Amsterdam like sex workers , tax payers .
We hope you will not feel offended by reading this article but it is our duty to inform you! Womens deserve respect and you should not enter in their private life! You certainly won’t feel comfortable with most questions when you call a sex partner! If you are a regular calling client for a particular girl, in time you can become closer and such questions will no longer be uncomfortable, but until then please do not under any circumstances make the escort feel harsh!