Finding pleasure in the erotic world – A True Story of Carol

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I am Carol and I work with Beauty escorts in Amsterdam. Today, I shall narrate my story to enlighten you about how, many girls like me are not forced into this profession, but they take it up willingly to make an honest living.
As a kid, I was attracted to the world of glamour. I loved watching ‘Entertainment News’ to keep a tap on what my favourite celebrity is wearing, doing or hanging out with, at a party. I craved for that life for a very long time.
I was 18 when I left home and came to the sin city of Amsterdam to fulfil my dreams. Being a young girl, many famous and not so famous men, tried to take an advantage of me. Infact, I fell in love with a very big celebrity and gave him my virginity at the cost of acting in his next movie. But as we live in a cruel world and my attempts went in vain. I was hurt and betrayed. I wanted revenge. So, when I heard the news of his release without my name on it, I headed straight to his house. I rang the bell and his agent, Rafiq opened the door for me. Without a glance or a greeting, I headed straight to the bedroom to see my boyfriend. He turned around to greet me with a smile and I laid a tight slap across his face. He was stunned for a brief minute, but suddenly, we felt an electric pleasure run across our body. He ran towards me and lifted me in the air, pushing my skirt over my stomach, landing right on his hard dick with my legs tied around his butt. He challenged me saying, “Slap me again, bitch”, and I did. I scratched him, burnt his skin with my lit cigarette and bit his tits off till they bled. He was in pain, but it seemed as if he enjoyed every bit of it and so did I. When I was done, my boyfriend apologized but recognized a talent I never knew I had, I was a natural Domina.
Few years later when i become 21 years old He directed me to one of the top escort services in Amsterdam called Beauty Escorts. Here, I met Rafiq, my boyfriend’s agent, who promised me that if I loved the job I was in to, celebrity glamour would feel like peanuts. He was right. Initially, I underwent rigorous training. This training was to help me understand the power I had in my playroom and how I must not abuse it. I met many clients with varied requirements. Some came with an expectation of having a beautiful girlfriend experience escorts in Amsterdam when they were travelling alone. Here, I operated in packages of either indulging in sex or just having a merry time with these men. Often, sex was an opted option. They would expect me to dominate them in bed and help them stay away from their guilt by being punished by me for cheating on their partners. I would punish them by taking them to my playroom, tying their limbs in a helpless position and smacking their wits out with my favourite leather whip. At such indulgences, success is not ultimate orgasm but also the times you make someone weep in pleasure. Thankfully, I have had many feathers added to my hat, in that department.
I have been working as an escort for over 10 years now. As in other industries, I like to keep myself updated in the kind of work I do. I read a lot, in terms of the fetishes people have, and the points in one’s body that delivers utmost pleasure. My latest fixation is the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ novels. It was a quite a stir in my circle and all my Domina friends suggested that I gave it a read. I recently completed reading the first two books. Honestly, I didn’t find it highly unique or satisfying, as I do those acts on daily basis. But astonishingly, since the launch of the movie, many of my clients want me to do things to them that are written in the book. They want me to use the feather whip on their genitals, subtly tapping till they cum. They like to try the nipple and clit grasps to feel a concentrated pinch while I lick their genitals. Sometimes, looking at their expressions arouses me and, I can’t help myself but go beyond the regular itinerary. Due to a high demand in this indulgence, Rafiq actually built a special ‘Fifty Shades’ room at our home for our crazy moments. This room looks as if it is just out of a movie set. Red satin sheets, soundproof walls and all kinds of pleasure accessories. My favourite one is the ceiling clamp. I love the feeling of being in the air, vulnerable yet powerful demanding my sub to do what I want him or her to.
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