Ex Escort Girl in Amsterdam ,True love story of Celine

My name is Celine and I worked before with Beauty Escorts Amsterdam , one of the top escort agencies in Amsterdam. It has been three years I am associated with the agency and have met different clients with different needs. We happily assist all clients with their desires. I do not just work for money but it is also about enjoying the life which I do. However, sometimes we come across some people who leave a different memory altogether and for a life time. After meeting so many clients it is hardly possible to remember each and everyone with their characteristics but some are evidently distinguishable. They treat us with care, respect and I try to please them with their needs. During the last three years of working as a high profile escort in Amsterdam, for the first time I met someone who changed my views about life altogether and I now believe escort girls too have human values.

I had met Daniel twice, one on an outdoor call to his house and another to a hotel outskirt of the Amsterdam. We had spent some of the crazy time together having sex and spending time together. Until then it was just as usual like other clients. Daniel was a businessman and he was very dynamic in nature. He was very openhearted and used to spend quite a lot on me whenever I met. He also mentioned about being in a distant relationship with someone which was going through a tough phase. Even that was fine for me because I listen to clients and sometimes they ask about me. It is a part of normal conversation with clients. Clock kept rotating and one month passes. I was on my daily routine and was checking my appointments for the week when I got called by one of the admin member from Beauty Escorts to meet someone. When I went to the job, it was Daniel. He was waiting for me but he looked distressed. I went near him and asked if everything is fine? He said I need you Celine; I want you to get me out of this hell. I have been going through a bad depression and today I feel you can make me stable back again. I said, I am always there for you but how about my schedule in the office? He said, I already talked to your management for booking your schedule with me for 5 days.
Any issues with you Celine?
” I said not at all.”
We went straight to the airport and then to Italy, which was one of the preferred destination for Daniel.
Until now, I did not even ask him about the issues. I wanted him to relax a bit and then slowly he will himself open up, so I waited for him to speak up. He had made arrangement for us in an hotel near Milano. On the first day we spent some time together watching television, roaming nearby. In the night, during dinner Daniel drank quite a lot and I joined him as well. When we came back, I was sitting on the bed when he came closer and sat on the floor, put his head on my legs and started crying. For the first time in my life, I saw any of my clients crying in front of me and that too Daniel was like a friend who always cared and gave respect to me even though I was just an escort for a businessman like him. Then he said, I have been in a relationship for last 5 years, I remain so much busy in my schedule, people give respect to me, but she did not even cared about me and my feelings? She just left me without any rhyme or reason? She did not even think about how would I feel? Celine for last one month, my work has also been impacted. I am not able to concentrate on my work. Whenever, I try to see my laptop, I feel why did she just leave me? Saying this, Daniel started crying even more. I waited for him to cry a bit as crying makes a person feel better. After sometime, I said, let’s take a can of beer and go out for a walk? He said, alright let’s go. While we were walking, I told him that until you have that bonding with a person, that emotional touch, you hardly care about them. Possibly she just took your relationship as a fling or she might have started liking someone else which you need to accept. You are not able to accept that she dumped you. The sooner you accept the truth, sooner you will get back to yourself. I am there to support you Daniel. You are among one my best clients and friend who always treated me with care and respect. We were on the middle of the road where he just came closer to me and hugged me there itself. For a moment, I had forgotten, I am just an escort and trying to spend time with one of my clients.
We came back to our hotel, and he looked much better than earlier. We had an amazing romantic night. I tried pleasing him with everything he needed. We slept in each other’s arm. He did not let me move away for a moment as well and I too supported him in every respect. Gradually, I noticed Daniel was becoming normal. Gradually we were involved more into different kind of his fantasies. On a night we had roleplay sex of being a teacher and student. On some other day, we tried sex under the shower. During those days, we left no chapters of sex unturned. When we came back, and when he dropped me at my office, I could see him a bit sad. Though I was sad too, but it is not possible from my end to show it up, because I am just an escort for him. But I was surprised to see Daniel with a sad face. I said, we can continue to meet whenever you need. He said fine and he left. I came back to my room and was unpacking my stuff. When someone came running and told me, Daniel is waiting for you at the reception. He just left 15 minutes ago and again he’s back? I ran towards the reception to see, if everything is fine? He just sat on his knees and proposed me to marry him. He said, I went to buy a ring otherwise I would never want to leave you alone ever. Everyone in my office was very happy to see this.

This made me realize, even escorts do have human values. Treat everyone with care and respect, one day you will get the same in return.

Thank you so much,our lovely Celine , for your storie. All the best for Beauty Escorts Amsterdam