Escort Service – COVID-19 Business Challenges

Escort Business during Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has been a challenging as many struggle to find their footing and earn a living for a decent life. People have rent to pay, families to feed and get their basic necessities. All of this needs to be bought with money and with business down, the money was hard to come by.
Because of how the virus spreads, activities and businesses that require close contact have been suspended. The escort business is one such that has been impacted due to the sudden pandemic.
The sudden closure of businesses means less or no money. Also, the Netherlands had strict rules for hygiene and safety in place for all sex workers and business. Because of the suspension orders from the authorities, many have resorted to working secretly, creating risks.

No Risks at Beauty Escorts Agency

Beauty Escorts understands how the pandemic makes it hard for their members to manage their lives and hence they have been helping their team during the need. Beauty is the best escort agency in Amsterdam and we have supported our members through this difficult time. We have a brand name because of the quality we provide. We have always put the health and benefit of our employees first and ensure that all safety practices are adhered to. This is why we have a name and constantly work to live up to it.
During the coronavirus pandemic when there were strict lockdowns and most businesses apart from essentials had to slow down or close temporarily, we helped our employees. We constantly motivated our team to fight the disease strongly and also provided assistance with getting Government funded aid during the crisis. Our team was looked after like a family and we live up to our values of taking care of our members.
When things will become stabilised there will be more strict rules for safety and hygiene.
As one of the best agencies for escorts, we already had safety and hygiene on our priority list, but now we are maintaining that even more. We have the top escorts in Amsterdam and each one is being trained on how to manage safety and client satisfaction. We have the escorts as well as client in our minds and we have been preparing for it accordingly.

We keep it safe at Beauty Escorts Amsterdam

Many have come up with innovations to maintain contact with their clients and technology has had a huge role to play in it. Cameras, video chat apps and video meetings have become a tool to keep in touch with clients who want comfort and pleasure but at a safe distance. However, if one wishes to meet an escort in person that can be arranged too. Beauty escorts agency will ensure that all safety protocols will be followed strictly. Regular screenings and temperature checks are required for all our members along with medical tests offered by the Government. The customers are also required to ensure that they are safe and free of covid-19 in Amsterdam. It is a mutual transaction so both parties must ensure that they are good to go.
Due to the rise in COVID-19 infections businesses might see another round of closure in October 2020 and November 2020 and we might see some more businesses getting backrupt due to the continuous losses throughout 2020. We have fought this battle bravely and we will continue to do so. Even though we are functioning at the moment but we are following extreme precautions. We are open to service clients and make sure that they are satisfied. There will be dates and massages, outings and sexual pleasure, but with a precautions.

We are concerned for the safety of our clients and employees and do everything we can from our end to make a safe and pleasurable experience.

We also urge all our esteemed customers to follow the new rules and safety guidelines until we have an official vaccine out for the pandemic. However, as we have followed health guidelines of all our escort girls, you can safely have a good time with them. We at Beauty Escorts Amsterdam are committed to provide entertainment but safety and health of our escort girls and our clients will remain our first priority always!

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