Erotic Experience of Sam Visiting Amsterdam for the first time from USA

Vacation and pleasure trips are something that is taken by many.

Sometimes it’s with family, sometimes with friends and sometimes people like travelling single . When you are with friends or family, you travel as a group and generally stick to popular tourist spots or conventional hangout places. Although there is an exception to that if you travel with close friends and you can visit unconventional places as well. But if you travel with family, as in there are children, then you will not be able to visit certain places.
Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination where prostitution is legal. It is the cultural capital of the Netherlands and also known as the Venice of the North because of its canals. It has an exciting and diverse nightlife with bars and cafes. In the summertime, one can find the café terraces filled with people enjoying beers and wine. There are jazz and music clubs that tourists can enjoy. Various festivals like Queen’s Day and Canal Parade are popular. However, it has one area, unlike any other in the world.

The De Wallen or the Red Light District is an area for legal prostitution. This is the kind of place where single travellers or a group of close friends can only enjoy. Men travelling alone can partake of the offerings on display on red lit windows. Visitors are able to enjoy sex with women who want to sell it. Some men really enjoy it, especially if they are into erotic experiences while travelling.

.Sam, a young man from the United States was on a European tour.

He was already looking for escort services for tourists in Amsterdam while travelling through Europe, before reaching Amsterdam.He was our costumer for couple of days and He narrates his experience with an escort from a supposed top escort agency. Once in Amsterdam, he wanted to experience something erotic and wanted a pleasurable, sexual experience before he went back home.

He tried one escort service for an evening of pleasure.

But what he got was an unpleasant experience. He had asked the agency for escorts with models in Amsterdam. The escort didn’t want to come to his hotel, so he agreed to meet her at a public place. Once there, she insisted on a hundred Euro upfront payment before she even sat down in the café. She ordered food and a coffee without making any conversation and asked him to pay the bill. He was still alright with it as long as he had a good night. But it wasn’t to be.
She insisted on taking him back to “her place” which was a dingy apartment building. He complied. But then she demanded the rest of the payment before they even began. He paid her and then began undressing. He expected her to pleasure him, tease him and give him a good show before they got between the sheets. But none of that happened. She was in the process of taking off her clothes when there was angry pounding on the door. There was a man screaming his head off and the girl looked panicked.

Sam understood that there was something wrong, so he dressed in lightning speed and ran off as soon as the door opened. Then he tried Chinese massage with a little extra on the side, but even that was a flop show.
He showed up at the massage center and was ushered in a room. The masseuse entered and he was a strapping man. He did try talking to the owners, whom he had prepaid, about a woman masseuse and the “extra” that he had paid for, but they had none of it. And he was left without any massage.
After such horrible experiences, he was sorely disappointed. But luckily, he found his silver lining when he was talking to the receptionist at the hotel he had booked. The staff suggested an escort service –the Elite Escort Services. They were quite popular with satisfying clients and were one of Amsterdam’s top escorts agency. He also got to know that they provided outcall escorts for tourists in Amsterdam. So, he contacted the agency through the hotel and reserved a model for himself. He had “the best time ever”, in his words.
He went out with the escort for the whole week. Sometimes they just hung out and went to nightclubs and some nights they spent in the hotel. One night she surprised him with an erotic massage. It was steamy and completely erotic. She slowly rubbed warm oil all over his body and his muscles relaxed. Then when he was completely calm, she gave him an amazing handjob. Then she climbed him and rode the hell out of him. Sam loved every moment of it. The next day she took him to a sex club and they had a lot of fun. He got to see the workings of the club and then they participated in it as well.

She had taken him to a room where a couple was performing oral sex on a platform.

There were hidden nooks and niches in the wall for other couples, which is where he found himself with the girl. The more he saw the couple engaging in cunnilingus, the more turned on he became. The escort went down on her knees and pleasured him as the couple onstage proceeded to have rough sex. Then he lost control and pounded into her from behind till he was spent. This was the most satisfying experience related to sex for Sam.
Every night was an exploration in erotica and the escort looked stunning. He thoroughly enjoyed his last week in Amsterdam and was very happy with Beauty Escorts Amsterdam’s outcall service. The escort was pleasing and polite and did her best to fulfil all his wishes and fantasies. Not only was the sex mind blowing, but her techniques and her manners were spot on.
Sam was pleasantly surprised and very happy with this experience. He swears that it’s one of the best he’s had till date! He called up Elite Escorts before leaving and thanked them for giving him a world class erotic experience which he never experienced.