Dona a true lover and expert in Swingers

My name is Donna and I was born in the beautiful city of Budapest.
I moved to Amsterdam couple of years ago and the reason I came here was because of the city’s glamour and alacrity of the young people here. I always had a different mindset towards enjoying my life and I wanted to live it without any restrictions. Since I was beautiful and had always maintained my figure well, it did not take me much time to get a job with Beauty escorts in Amsterdam as they paid really well compared to other escorts companies here. Moreover, there were literally no restrictions on how you wish to enjoy your life while you work with them.

Additionally, I was born audacious and was never afraid of trying new things when it came to sex. I was not traditional at all and I enjoy good company and good romantic life. Working at one of the top escorts of Amsterdam, I came across many good people so far who taught me new things and that makes me feel more ebullient towards having a good sex life. Last year, I was invited by one of my existing clients at Beauty Escorts for his birthday party who used to spend time almost every week with me and I too enjoyed his company. He treats me nothing less than his girlfriend and I give the same in return to him. After the birthday party was over, it was my turn to make him feel special. That was the first time I introduced him to the world of BDSM sex. I did not wanted to make just vanilla sex as usual as it was a special day for him. I had planned for it a week earlier and he enjoyed it to the core. He was very happy that night and gifted me with a diamond ring. He also shared his kinky sex fantasies with me and one among them were to have sex with different couples, swapping sex or sex in groups which happens in swingers clubs in Amsterdam. I was excited with this new idea as I always wanted to try new things.

So, the next week we planned for a visit to one of the best swinger clubs named as fun4two where most of the people prefer visiting. Before even we visited my heart was beating at almost the double speed because of the excitement of trying group sex or swap sex as swingers being with one of the best clients of mine who was nothing less than my boyfriend also. He had made all the arrangements and we were booked for an event for group sex. As soon as we entered, the ambience itself was crazy and we were provided with information about the place, food, drinks and how do we take part in the event. We started gazing over the place with a couple of drinks when I noticed a couple had already started looking at us, may be they knew about the event and were interested in group sex with us. Wow! Dancing with anyone you wish, seeing couples kissing openly, every corner filled with moaning sound of sex because of crazy people around were some of the highlights of the club. Since I work as a high class escort in Amsterdam, I could enjoy everything like this and this was nothing less than a dream coming true.

After a couple of hours, the event had started and every couple was provided with a number. You can make a note of other couple numbers on a paper and drop it on the box with your own number. If you are interested in more than one couple, put as many papers you wish. They will check with the other couple if they are interested joining and vice versa. As I mentioned earlier a different couple already had eye on us and we were asked if we can join them. They looked pretty hot and I did not have any second thoughts before saying yes. Then the place where you enter the lounge was simply marvelous. With dim lights and music, you get a separate place for fun. As soon as we entered our hut, there was no mercy towards each other. I had started kissing the other man and my client did not waste any time to smooch the other lady. My client started pressing my breasts while he was kissing the other lady and she was caressing her own partner at the same time while they continue to kiss.

I could not control anymore and started giving the man with a finest blowjob while my client was busy sucking the breasts of the other lady. I asked the lady if I can get fucked by both of them in one go while you suck my tits. That was one of my crazy wish to get fucked my two men at the same time. She said, of course but you return the same favor to me once you are done. We both smiled and they did not waste any time listening to this. The man took me in his arms and pushed his dick inside my vagina while my client started rubbing his dick from my ass. I was having the best of both worlds. The lady was sucking my tits from the other side to make my go wild. He pushed his dick hard inside my anal hole while the other man kept pushing with all force inside my vagina. I really cannot explain how different the experience was and the orgasm I got was of truly unimaginable. As I had promised the other lady to return the same favor, my client took her in his arms and pushed his dick inside her vagina, while the man did his role from her ass. I went ahead and started sucking her beautiful tits. We enjoyed the whole night like mad.

Now, whenever I meet new clients who are crazy about trying new things in sex, I visit the same swinger club with them. Beauty escorts made my life so happening I have no words to say thanks to them. Other escort girls in Amsterdam are stick to their daily routine while I enjoy good life, and good sex, which I always wanted.