Divina Life Story – Escort Amsterdan

I’m Divina and I’m
From Hungary ,since 2 years I’m part of Beauty Escorts Amsterdam ! I’m a young ,energetic person and enjoy my job as a escort in Amsterdam ! When I first visit Amsterdam was December 2 years ago ,i love this city right the way ! The ducth capital is an urban centre that awaits with plenty of surprises ,interactive museums,fairy-tales buildings ,parties and all sorts of interesting festivals .
No matter what ,Amsterdam is a destination that you can’t not get bored ,this city have a great night life ! When I first saw red light district , was like a movie , like a tv show , in my mind comes so many ideas ! Well this lady’s are incredible beautiful but they assume many risks for less money in my opinion ! When I move to Amsterdam I try all kind of different jobs and because renting a apartment here , is very expensive even I work on windows on the canals for a week !
I did not like it ! Most of the clients there where drunk tourist , looking for a quick one on the way to the bar ! Most of them smell like a alcohol and don’t want to spend more the 50-100 euros ! To describe Red light district from my point of view, is like working on a factory on poor conditions for less money ! Are also many risks , because like I said most of them are drunk and when they pay 50-100 euros they thing can have sex like for hours , but when times ends I ask them to leave ! Then we can start a fight or contradicting! All girls in Red light district have a panic alarm when the situation gets out of control ! Sitting all night long in the front of the window ,half naked was not my thing ! I felt cheap , vulgar and total uncomfortable!
This was my experience with Red light and I will never repeat it! I was afraid to try escorting , but now I’m glad I did ! Is completely different ! I get jobs even in the day time and most of them are on the hotels! To work like a hotel escort in Amsterdam is save , and when u come to visit a client , the reception have no idea that I’m a call girl and no one looks with judgement! Is save because we have to inform the receptionist which room we gone visit , becAuse most of the clients in Amsterdam hotels or airport
Are business people ,that like to enjoy them time and no way for rush ! Is a pleasure to meet successful business people that like to share them time and pleasure with me !I consider myself a fortunate escort lady and since I left my country when I was 19 years old ,my life so far is perfect ! I have a advise for lady’s that are looking to find a job where they can enjoy the life to the maximum and the money are a bonus ! Join a escort agency in Amsterdam and your life will completely change !