Difference between various sex workers in Amsterdam

Various facets of sex work and sex workers

Sex work means a service offered to clients in return for something. It may involve direct sex or indirect sexual stimulation. The important thing to note is that sex work is voluntarily and not forced. Sex work is legal in many places and because of that it has taken various forms. The Netherlands is one place where sex is legal and not criminalized. If you visit, then you can see the De Wallen or enjoy nights with Amsterdam escorts. There are reasons why escorts are a good option, even the best.

There are different types of sex work that involve various kinds of exposure and satisfaction. Each type has its own speciality and can involve various techniques and offerings.

Escort services

– Escort services are very different from other types of sex work. An female companion is provided to a client who may or may not need sex. It is more about company and involves spending time, doing activities etc.                         The escorts  in general are well maintained and come from all walks of life. Some are students and some are more experienced in this field. Almost all escorts work with an agency for various reasons such as safety and discretion. Women in escort work are regularly asked to get health screenings so that they are protected and even the clients can enjoy without worrying about risks. Escorts in Amsterdam who work with agencies of repute are clean from any health issues. They are trained to ofer  the client total satisfifaction .

Exotic dancing or also erotic dancing is a form of entertainment that involves some amount of skin show. Most exotic dancers are scantily clad and perform for entertainment. Examples of exotic dancing can be strip clubs, burlesque dancers or topless performers. Some forms of this performance are used in countries such as USA where prostitution is illegal. However, in places like Vegas, you can easily find a burlesque performance in a top-notch hotel. These are popular shows that draw huge crowds. Exotic dancers are in great shape as they spend hours dancing in high heels and mastering awesome moves.

Peepshows–A peep show is defined a short and titillating show that can be viewed from a viewing slot. It is a sex show and is made for voyeuristic entertainment purposes. Some like hidden imagery and the very thought of seeing someone in an intimate act without their knowledge can turn the viewer on. Shows are made for pleasure and the people who act in these shows know that they are being watched. However, there is no interaction between the sex worker and clients.

Webcam sex service/ Phone sex– A webcam sex service can be described as virtual sex or online sex. Here, there is interaction between the client and the worker, but it happens virtually. They can see and/or hear each other. The client can request sex acts and see the worker perform them on video. There is money paid into the sex workers account when clients watch them getting naked or masturbating together. This is basically done in so that the clients can watch and perform sex acts on themselves and release sexual energy.

Pornographic films – Porn is commonly watched on online portals and the movies have multiple subscribers. The movies can have various themes catering to different tastes in sex. The theme could be gay sex, lesbian, MILF, teenager, virgin, voyeur, BDSM etc. Because actual sex acts are recorded and actors often have to work with multiple partners, there are strict rules on health screenings. Checks for DTIs and SYDs are mandatory for all performers. Again, the clients for such movies don’t actually get to interact with the performers. They just see them onscreen as the performers do sex acts so the people watching can enjoy and simulate themselves.

Street or indoor sex work – When sex workers find clients on the street or put out ads to get clients, this is known as street or indoor sex work . In different countries there are different rules for sex workers or call girls. In some countries they are reachable on phone and you just call them when needed. Whereas in some countries sex workers can be found in certain areas and clients can approach them for sex. The Netherlands have sex workers sitting at windows too in the red-light district, where you can approach them for sex or sexual acts.

Massage parlour – Massage parlours also provide services for sexual release. This isn’t offered by all parlours or masseurs but only some who advertise for it. Clients can ask for erotic massage, sexual stimulation or sex if they offer it. An erotic massage usually begins as a normal massage then goes on to touching genitals or genital regions for arousal and release. Sexual stimulation could go a step further and could mean oral sex or hand jobs for release. Clients interact with sex workers up close in this case, but they meet purely for the act of sexual release.    \

There are different types of sex workers and sex work, but the end result for most is client satisfaction.Each one tries to get more clients and satisfy them. Escorts in Amsterdam are slightly different from normal sex workers as their service includes interaction and companionship. Top notch escort providers like Beauty Escorts  Agency  has been in the market for decade and the escort girls maintain utmost professionalism and hygiene. Most other workers perform acts to get sexual release whereas an escort will try to get to know the client better so she can please him better. There will be conversations and understanding of what they like best. Additional services such as travel and fun activities like city tour guide or going on a movie date are also possibilities with escorts. These things are not an option with street workers, strippers or exotic dancers. You can only see them at their work, and very rarely will anyone come with a client to a dinner or event. An escort will accompany clients to events as they are well spoken and well dressed. Most importantly they are clean health wise and use good hygiene practices.