Deborah confession – My Client’s Fetishes

Not every escort offers services for all sexual tastes.
For some escorts, sex is just an extra add-on service. For me, sex is the fun part. I’m what some people call a specialty escort. I specialize in BDSM services for my clients and I absolutely love it.
It’s often the case that clients are a little embarrassed or new at bringing kink into their sex lives. They don’t know how to ask for what they want. Well, that’s where I come in. During my time as an escort, I have satisfied some very particular kinks for my clients. As an experienced dominatrix, it’s my job to understand what exactly my clients fantasize about and to give them that experience. Usually during a session, I spend a little bit of time talking and getting to know them. And most of the time it takes a little digging to find out EXACTLY what they want. But eventually I’m able to get to the meat of their desires. Doing a first time BDSM session is extremely fun for me. Most clients are interested in being told what to do, being humiliated, or submitting to an attractive, confident, alluring woman (that’s me!). As a dominatrix, I have a propensity for tying people up. In fact, it’s what really turns me on.
I love to be in control of powerful men. Seeing wealthy bankers and surgeons and businessmen tied to a hotel bed, blindfolded, and gagged with my dirty panties is really what gets me off. But at the end of the day what’s important is getting ​them ​ off. I also have clients who are interested in being sissified. This is a very fun and exciting process. I like to get comfy somewhere warm with a lot of pillows. Then, I order my client to take off all of those suits and ties and manly clothes because they’re just wimpy little bitches who need to be taught a lesson. When a client is into sissification, I bring some of my clothes along for the night and often force them to wear my tight black pencil skirt, a lacy push-up bra, and a pretty shade of pink lipstick. They are just useless little sissies, after all.
After my sissified clients are dressed in proper attire, I like to bring oral into play.
I’ll often make them give my favorite black, silicone dildo a nice, long blowjob. Then, I’ll peg their tight little assholes with it. It is so pleasurable to watch them submit to me. Such powerful men out in the world, and such weak, worthless sissies in my hotel room. There’s so much more to BDSM than costumes and toys though. What I like most about taking care of my client’s kinky needs is how powerful it makes me feel. Even when my clients are looking for a submissive escort, I feel so empowered while engaging in kink. It’s not often that I’m submissive for a client, but it is very cathartic when I get the chance. As with all escorts, I have some limits, but not too many. I mostly enjoy being tied up with leather wrist and ankle cuffs and then being forced to orgasm over and over again. I have a favorite vibrator, the Hitachi vibrating wand, that I love being teased with. One of the best orgasms I’ve ever had happened while I was tied in a restrictive hogtie on the hotel bed. My mouth was gagged with a huge ball-gag in the shape of a cock that filled my entire mouth. My client had put nipple clamps on my huge, sensitive nipples (I’m a D-cup) and was teasing me with that Hitachi wand. I writhed and squirmed around on that bed for over an hour begging for him to let me cum but of course everything I said came out completely unintelligible because of that humongous gag. But every time I was close to cumming, he denied me. When he finally did let me cum, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before… Fetish and kinkplay might have a bad reputation outside of the bedroom but practicing BDSM has made me an incredibly confident and experienced kink escort. Whenever you’re ready for something a little more exciting than the typical package, send me a message…