Celeste confession – My favorite things about being an escort in Amsterdam

Whenever I meet new people, it’s inevitable that the question ‘what do you do?’ gets asked.
And everytime I reveal my line of work, people always get the same shocked look on their face. “An escort?” They say. “But you’re just a normal girl!” I have to remind people that being an escort is not at all what they think it is. At the end of the day, it’s still a job just like theirs. My schedule is 9pm-5am. My office is the streets of Amsterdam. I take meetings in five-star restaurants and hotels. Well, I guess being an escort comes with some pretty good perks that normal jobs don’t have… There’s a lot of things I love about my job, but first and foremost I love the people I get to meet. My clients are fascinating people from all walks of life. I’ve met world-renowned doctors, professors, actors, opera singers, athletes, and fashion designers.
I’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the most powerful people in the world.
I’ve gotten to attend Hollywood parties, ride yachts in the Riviera, and take private jets from Amsterdam to NYC and back again. Through this job, I’ve learned that people are complex and layered.
We tend to judge people by their clothes, their appearance, and often by their sexual preferences. But I’ve found that my clients are so much more than what they want to do with me. More often than not, an appointment will start with the client and I just catching up with one another over a drink. At the end of the day, clients are not just in and out. They’re people I have relationships with.
Some of the best times I’ve had with clients have been sharing good conversation over a bottle of wine at dinner. Speaking of wine, another thing I love about this job is getting wined and dined at the best restaurants in Amsterdam. As a lifelong resident of Amsterdam, I know all of the best places to eat and drink in the city. And lucky for me, I get treated to fantastic meals by my clients. Who needs an office cafeteria when you’ve got the city’s finest dining establishments?
I’ve even become friends with a number of the waiters and chefs across the city due to how often I eat out. Since I started working as an escort six years ago, the flexibility of my schedule has allowed me to travel pretty much whenever I want. Because most of my work happens during the weekend, it’s not unusual for me to take three or four days for a quick vacay. It’s been amazing getting to see the world in my freetime. If I have clients from other countries, I’ll usually ask them for recommendations on where to go and what to do where they’re from. My favorite place in the entire world, Casablanca, Morocco, I learned about from a client. After he talked up this adorable little cafe in a small village outside the city, I knew I just had to go. I grabbed my best friend and we went for a quick trip. As soon as I stepped foot off the plane, I fell in love with that place. Escorting in Amsterdam has really made the world a much bigger place for me. Speaking of best friends, another thing I love about this job is the friends I’ve made. Working for an agency has introduced me to girls I know I’ll be best friends with for life. It can be scary coming to work for a new agency, mostly because there’s usually a hierarchy in place where the top-earning girls are getting all the jobs. The competition can get really intense sometimes. But occasionally, you’ll meet someone who just gets you. All of us escorts are just
normal girls with day jobs, classes, families to care for. Like I said, the nightlife is just another job. When you meet another escort who understands that, it’s like making an instant best friend. The thing that I love the most about working as an escort is that I’m more confident than I have EVER been before. I’ve been in this industry for over six years now and there have been many ups and downs. When I started this job, I wasn’t even confident enough in myself to ask for payment up front. Now, I value my services, my body, and my time like I should have been all those years ago. So many clients have treated me like a princess throughout the years and the result of that has been a huge increase in the value I see in myself. My confidence in my body, my appearance, and my worth as a person are not the only things that have increased, though. Now, I’m extremely confident in my ability to give a blowjob.
When I first started, I wasn’t the most experienced person when it comes to oral sex. I had been around the block, but it was something I needed a little practice with. Now, I think I give the best blowjob in Amsterdam, if I do say so myself. I’ve had so much practice and opportunities to attune my sexual services that I’m confident I could please absolutely any client that comes my way. Overall, being an escort is not at all what other people think it is. It’s so much more than job for me. It’s a lifestyle!
with all my love , Regards from Amsterdam .Celeste your high class escort