Bryan first time in Amsterdam Red Light District

Bryan was visiting Amsterdam for the first time and he had heard a lot about the city, and wanted to explore everything.
However, like any other young guy visiting Amsterdam for the first time, one thing that he did not want to miss was the red light district. He had heard a lot of wild stories from his colleagues at work who had visited the city last winter. He was excited and ready with cash. All he wanted was some time off from business.
A few days passed, and the trip was almost coming to an end. Luckily, he had 1 night at his disposal before he flew back to Chicago. So, without a second thought he rushed to the Red Light District. The district was located adjacent to the public places. There was no special place for the escorts as it was in his head. In fact, this was way cooler than what he had expected.
He walked down the lane, watching girls in showcases on either side.
Every single girl was gorgeous, and he could not decide whom to select. All of a sudden he remembered that his colleague mentioned about a high profile escort agency that serves the Amsterdam area and Decided to call the same agency and have some fun. Although Red Light District was safe and legal, he just did not want to lose his chance to have great sex with a high profile Amsterdam escort.
He called the agency. The agency asked a few simple questions to present him the options of girls available as per his preferences. The agency had a Great reputation and was well known in the city. The man from the agency ensured that he did not ask any personal questions from Bryan. He even suggested a few good things he could do around Amsterdam with his date. After a small friendly chat over the phone, Bryan was given the name of the escort that would be visiting him. He was assured that Escort is healthy, maintains herself and dresses really well. Asked them for the outcall to his hotel. The Lady from the escort agency agreed and he promised to send the girls in 30 minutes after Bryan reaches the hotel. He had enquired for a European escort with a thing for BDSM on her. The escorting agency had gladly accepted his request and suggested him 2 different models who are into BDSM with a naturally submissive side.
Bryan rushed to his hotel, which was 2 miles from where he was standing. He reached the hotel at told the receptionist that a guest will be visiting him in 30 minutes. The receptionist smiled warmly and said that he would guide her to his room. Went to the room and set the mood. He played a sweet romantic medley on the speakers, took a bath, put on a nice perfume and waited for Taylor A little before 30 minutes, he got a call from the reception that his guest was headed towards his room. Bryan was nervous, but aroused as well. This was his first time.
The lady knocked on the door. In front of him was a European girl, in her early 20’s. She was wearing a deep cut top and a nice pair of shorts. Her boots complemented her look. She smelled nice, and the look she carried was intimidating. Our gentleman welcomed her warmly inside the room. She walked gracefully inside the room, making Bryan harder. Her name was Taylor. The lady sat on the bed and smiled at Bryan. “Are you ready, handsome?” she winked and asked. The escort girl knew Bryan was nervous, and she would have to take a lead. She asked to pour 2 glasses of wine. He poured 2 glasses of wine and as he turned back, he could not believe what he saw. Taylor was in her bra, panty and boots. She looked amazing. Her breasts popped out of her bra. Her panty gave her an amazing view of her bare ass. Her long legs, ending in her boots made Bryan weak.Had suddenly found an animal inside him. He put his charm on, and started moving towards. Beautyful escort giggled as he saw Bryan gaining confidence. She knew that it was going to be a gentle but hot session with her new client. Both looked into each other’s eyes and gulped down the glass of wine instantly. They looked at each other, Taylor’s eyes gleaming, and Bryan leaped towards her like a lion on a lamb.