Being a Escort Amsterdam Call girl is my “fetish “ – True Life Story

Recently in our team a new special lady come ! She is a unique and being beautiful is already a must when is to work with Beauty Escorts Amsterdam ,there is something special about her like woman and Escort to be ! We gone call her G because this time we don’t want to expose her and her intimacy and sexual life ! Was a normal day sitting in my office when I open a mail from G ,nice face ,nice body but when I start to read the mail something say to me that this girl was special and made to be a escort not only for the way that she look but because her story was different ! I call her right the way and because was almost Lunch time I invite her to join me ! She arrived in Amsterdam 5 days ago , and was not familiar with the city and I decide to pick her up at central station Amsterdam ! At 1 pm she was there like we agreed ! Was wearing jeans ,white blouse , and a cap , she was looking a bit confused and even nervous when we shake hands ! I decide to walk next to her from Central station to Dam square and we stop by Majestic restaurant cafe ,a great place ,with good and variety food in the middle of Adam square right next to Krasnapolsky hotel ,the biggest hotel in The centrum ! She was felling save and very comfortable now ! After we eat ,because , we was both hungry, the interview start ! – Haw are you G ,all good now ? – Thank you Nicole I’m felling comfortable with you ! After I get your phone call I was a bit afraid because I don’t trust men’s that much , and when I saw that you are a woman and the way you talk with me I felt save and comfortable right the way “. – There is nothing to worry while in Amsterdam G ,because is a very safe city and if you want to become a escort like you told me the government and Police of Amsterdam are taking very well care of sex workers ! – I would like to know more about you and your reasons to be a call girl ,because you look a bit insecure now that we meet and Your mail makes me thing different !” “- I always want to become a escort and to make part from a well organized escort agency that cares about the girls also not only about clients ! I love to be a escort because my “fetish “ is to have sex with strangers , I know sounds strange ,but ,since I start my sexual life I would have orgasm only with men’s that I barely know them from 1-3 hours ! Was very difficult for me to accept the way I’m and my body and mind is but now I’m perfect fine with that ! I worked like a escort in Switzerland and was all good until the moment I realize that the owner of the agency was kind of crook and I decide to just forget about that beautiful country! But this is a other story and I don’t want to talk about yet . “- Sure I totally agree with you , is not the time for that ! please tell me more about your fetish if you are comfortable with that “ -Definitely,Nicole ! I called a fetish because for most of the women’s is something strange , is not just sexual fantasy is something that offers me maximum pleasure and Is the only way I can have orgasm and enjoy sex ! I guess this start from when I was a teenager and I was afraid to have sex ! My first sexual experience was awful …and the next 4-5 also ! ( she is laughing) I could not understand when my girlfriends had that great felling while having sex because for me was completely different! In one night ,when I was 20 years old I was in a night club and drink a bit more then usual , I had sex with a bartender 5-10 min after I meet him in a dark room behind the bar and was my first time feeling like a real woman and know what orgasm feels ! After this happens I realize that I’m not a ordinary girl and that my mind and body works different! I start to explore from books and movies the way I’m and I discover that Is kind of fetish and I will be addicted all my life , and I accept the way I’m ! I left my country and work like a escort now for 4 years and I love it ! Most of the clients love the way I function and some of them want to know echather a bit and then I’m not so great in bed anymore ! I’m open minded and when I like the client also I tell him “ I have fetish on have sex in the beginning of our appointment , would you let me to show you haw good I’m ! Most of them get excited and have a sparkle in the eyes ,some of them told me that never before feel so much passion from a woman and culminations is when they fell me having orgasm ! That’s why I love being a escort girl and outcall is perfect for me ! “- Well G , your life story is different and you was tailored made to be a escort ! (Laughters) we would love to collaborate with you and our clients will be lucky when they will choose you !” G now is working with our escort agency for 4 months , and we get every single day positive feedback from the clients that booked her ! “She is a sex machine” a real good one , I had a fantastic orgasm with her but seeing her enjoying so much was something that I never saw before from a Amsterdam Escort! “ Mr Robert said about G just yesterday!