Beauty Escorts for V.I.P

Today we have a real story that made all our team to prepare a event !
From operators,drives ,girls ,all our team was happy to arrange a booking for VIP! Amsterdam is the city of all possibilities and some people when they plan their business trip to Amsterdam they wanna have the best business possible but not in a office or a conference room ,they like a business made with style ! So this is true story regarding some of our clients from Saudi Arabia !
Monday evening , in a office with the most members of our team ,getting a phone call from a personal assistant saying that he have 12 hours left and he need our help to arrange a business dinner event and a birthday party , he need 6 lady’s for 10 hours and they have to participate to the business dinner ! “We need the best escorts possible ,he said ! They have to be stunning but dressed properly for a dinner and afterwards we need to rent a intimate space for the party where probably we will need other 3-4 lady’s ! All have to be discreet as my client is a VIP !”Nice …. we had couple of hours left and we need to arrange a table in a very good restaurant , try to find a intimate place for the birthday party and to be very careful when set all this because our client was a VIP! Ofcourse the lady’s have to be informed also and they have to look better then ever …they need time for that also ! With the Escort Girls was not a problem as we have the most beautiful ones in Amsterdam and we dont said slightly and we are very proud of this ! Scarlet ,Simone ,Sabrina , Celeste and Wesley was the lady’s that need to take care of the clients in that night ! We made dinner arrangements at The Duchess restaurant,a great place with delicious food in the heart of Amsterdam ! They offer private dinner events and our clients need total privacy so we was very happy that we could arrange as is always very busy! Near the restaurant was Mad Fox Club and we was more then lucky to arrange there also a private party ! The club is on the basement of the W hotel and near The Duchess restaurant , was all great ! But there was a problem ! Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday this club was closed and the Dj was out of town ! We find the perfect place but the stuff from
The club say that is impossible to arrange as all
The employees are free that days ! After calling all our “people” trying to find out a solution “ we find out that one of our escort lady’s have a “relationship “ with the Dj and know more members of Mad Fox club because she is a regular client ! We call Taylor right the way and explain her the whole situation ! She said :I’m happy to help and I will arrange it but I want to join that party also ! She is crazy about night club and dancing! So she did ! She took care of all the details related to the party and was a great one !We had 4 hours left until the lady’s will join the gentleman’s to the dinner and we get a phone call from Rob (the personal Asistent) he forget to inform us that during the party in club the lady’s have to wear masks and sexy outfits! We ask Sabrina to go to one of the drivers to Costume store near Central Station Amsterdam and pick up the best outfits ! Now finally all was set up ! The next days we get this mail : “***[email protected] Dear Beauty Escorts Team , my clients had the best arrangements and they want to say Thank you for all your efforts! Restaurant was great and the party was amazing but the lady’s where beyond expectations! I will recommend your team to other potential clients ! With Regards Rob “ Well ….this is all we need ,satisfy clients! Thank you too for choosing us !