Amazing Sister Escorts in Amsterdam

Have you ever had a fantasy when you wanted to get kinky pleasure with two women? Well, apart from having an understanding with a regular booty call, you can still get this pleasure through escorts. Amsterdam has some of the prettiest escorts and the agencies they work with have good reputations. The thing about escorts is that they can be amazing companions, not in terms of just sex. They will be pleasant, friendly even and can make great conversations too. I met two such beautiful women, sister escorts in Amsterdam, who made my night and day in Amsterdam.

Top Sister Escorts Amsterdam – Client Feedback

“I was in Amsterdam for three days and believe me, two of those were full of fun and pleasure. I had looked up Beauty Escorts on a recommendation and I found Ada and Ella. They were sisters and were willing to pleasure a client together. I had wanted to experience such extreme pleasure, but boy they were more!
I made a booking for Ada and Ella for two nights for around 4 hours each. A few of those hours were spent sightseeing and both of them were such good hosts. They took me to the most underrated but cool places and I was surprised that I hadn’t seen this side of Amsterdam. We went clubbing and also took rides through the city as well as the outskirts. We sampled food and liquor and it was almost like hanging out with good friends. But we had sensual times too.
My ultimate fantasy of getting a threesome with two women was also fulfilled. The nights were hot with Ada and Ella pleasuring me. They were open to role play and on one night they became hot nurses and I was the patient. They had made me lie down, pretended to strap me down and then proceeded with sensual acts. That was quite kinky and the sex was amazing.

Erotic Massage with Sister Escorts

Then the other night, we indulged in an erotic massage. Ada and Ella were naked and they rubbed warm oil all over my body. It was relaxing at first and then it became sensual. They knew what they were doing. They rubbed my shoulders and back and when I was fully relaxed, they touched me erotically. They both pleasured me with a blowjob and a handjob, after which they proceeded to make me cum.
Apart from sensuality we also had dinner and then watched movies together. They were great conversationalists and made me feel very comfortable.

BDSM with Sister Escorts in Amsterdam

We also tried a little BDSM where both became dominatrices. Their sexy bodies were clad in black leather as they took turns to whip me and pleasure me. There was this one instance where Ella was playing with my shaft and Ada gave two whips on my balls. It was an electric moment and I really loved that.
I know now that they would be perfect for the girlfriend experience too. Because they were pleasant, patient and so friendly with me. Never once did I feel that they were not nice. They were naughty, of course; I had requested for naughty girls.

Amsterdam is a nice city and if you have the right company, it can become a great vacation or holiday spot. Even if you travel for work and have some free time, an escort can make your time count. The sisters were extremely professional and polite and never gave me a chance for grievance. They did well in keeping me happy and satiated.The ladies maintained good hygiene too and I was very secure about that.
They were discreet and were interested in making me happy. There were no probing questions and I didn’t have to share any personal information. Even the conversations were warm, but not too personal. Discretion is important to me because I work for a renowned company and the sisters made sure that their conversations were fun and discrete.
Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam because of Ada and Ella. Thankfully, when I made the booking, I found them. Both the ladies are pretty and great at companionship. Plus, they are quite good at pleasuring too. I would definitely give five stars to Beauty Escorts Amsterdam agency for their professional service and the effort they make to leave happy customers.”

This feedback said more then we could ever say and we Thanks so much to our dear Client!