All types of clients I have had as an escort

Confession of an Escort in Amsterdam[/healine] From what she wants to be dominated to the one who wants to find out if she is bisexual, the life of the escort is very varied. And it can hold many surprises, including angry wives who start making scenes on the landing.
With rain and snow, in recession or economic boom, prostitution does not end. It’s everywhere, from luxury hotels with underfloor heating and pastries offered to the dark, dead-end streets full of used condoms, though we — as a company — don’t talk so much about it.
When we talk about it, though, we talk mainly about prostitutes — either because there was a raid and they ended up in dozens of jails, or because some entrepreneur who interprets the law in his own way wants to open a cafe where you can get a blowjob with the macchiato . What we are not talking about are the people who keep the market alive: the customers who are looking for Athens escorts.
To find out a little more about this side, I asked Sarah, a 22-year-old escort and blogger, to help me make a list of all types of customers.
That of good society; very self-confident and usually with managerial or otherwise job responsibility. Tax collectors, finance people and famous people, for example. People who like to talk a lot about the power they have.
What they want from experience is a knock on the ego or a destruction of the ego. These are the customers who often ask to be dominated; they have a life to the max and the opportunity to control all the people around them, so — behind closed doors – they want to be insulted and demoralized, because it is the opposite of the way everyone treats them in their daily lives. A lot of customers like this like pegging, for example. Or they want me to exploit them economically, they ask me to ask them expensive gifts. I have a lot of expensive shoes that I have been bought by clients of this type who are also foot fetishists, and I don’t even like many.
I have found that customers often want the opposite of what is “normal” for them when it comes to sex. The customer who wants to party, for example, is the antithesis of the power customer. These men want to exercise complete domination over another human being for a while. The powerful customer automatically has the knife on the side of the handle in real life, while the customer who wants to party doesn’t.
He is a braggart, an animal party: he likes smoking, he likes to drink, he pretends to be sure of himself but he is not. In the sense, he is self-confident – he shows it in every story of a bar fight – but only under the influence of alcohol and drugs. After a couple of lines it will come out of the bathroom like a mix between an eighties pornstar and the average zarro.
He’ll ask if it’s ok for you to push yourself a little further. It’s almost as if for him the list of things you said that you’re not going to do was just a challenge. “I’m sure you’d like with me,” he will say. No. “And if you paid more? If you left positive comments?” No.
Those just discussed are the main categories, but there are rarer types that only appear every once in a while, for example the one that, during the fact, gets caught up in a sudden attack of guilt. The last one I had was a client in his thirties who came in with a big hat. Once inside he checked that the door was locked. I was literally giving him a blowjob when he suddenly stood up screaming, “JUST ENOUGH! I can’t do it!” He asked if I had done something wrong and he replied, “No, I have a wife, I can’t stop thinking about her.”
Maybe bring her to shop the next time you need an adrenaline rush, right?Read more on our blog about this.
It is the men who dream of taking a woman of the night from his world and showing her that a better life exists, probably because to think that for them I could become a good girl makes him hard. The last of this series wanted to teach me how to be a real estate agent so I wouldn’t have to “do this anymore.”
The client books a hotel room for the conclusion of his stag party. He often books for two and shows up with his best friend. They openly admit that he is a bachelor party and show you pictures of his future wife on the phone. Some of themareveryattractive.
A customer with a wide sleeve is a good thing, but sometimes he exaggerates to the point that doubts begin to come to the girl. It is very rare for a regular customer to go alone with a girl. So, if you spend a lot of money with you, like a millino a week, you know that in total they are throwing a lot of money. Most of the time it is the type of client who engages, who wants to satisfy you, and who cares more about you than about himself. Because they keep the world thinking that at least they have a very beautiful woman that they are enjoying in the bedroom.